On Taxes, Tea, & Journaling…

photo above is my weekend in a visual nutshell. Coke, wine, tea,
taxes/accounting, crocheting, and a trip to the comic book store. There
was a little cleaning in there too, but I was fairly certain no one
would be interested in seeing my vacuum, the food I cleaned out of the
fridge/cupboards or my dirty laundry. You’re welcome. 

tax thing is a yearly ordeal only because I tend to put off bookkeeping
until the last minute for my book business (ironic, no?), and then end
up doing it all at once. Unfortunately, I had to declare a loss this
year, which I was really hoping not too, since the government doesn’t
look all that kindly on businesses that spend more money than they make.
It wasn’t a huge loss, but still…enough that I’m going to have to
make some spending cuts because I *have* to make a profit next year.
I’ve been starting to do that anyways, but the next one’s going to be a
big one – I’m closing the BSB online store. Very few people actually buy
from there – and I understand that it’s because we’re all comfortable
buying from whatever big name retailer we’re most familiar with. I get
it. It makes sense. So I’m closing my store and instead revamping my
publisher site to include links to all major retailers from
genre-specific book pages. It’ll work just as well as the store, and
cost a lot less. 

And then I’ll be
able to use some of that money for smarter advertising. More giveaways,
for sure. Which will also be good, and fun for readers. It’s a win-win
all around. 

As for the overall
taxes, we normally owe the feds and get a refund from the state that
just covers what we owe. This year, being in a lower tax bracket due to
job changes, we owe the feds much less, and our refund from the state
will cover it several times over. Not bad, if I do say so myself! 

if I could just keep up with the bookkeeping monthly this year instead
of leaving it all for next March…which is what I always say, of

In other groovy news, I
joined the Steepster Select monthly tea club and got my first shipment
this week. So this weekend, I tried one of the teas called Red Jade
(it’s actually a black tea made from a hybrid tea plant crossing a wild
tea bush with an Assam tea bush). It’s been so long since I had really
high-quality tea, and I really enjoyed this one. Left a review on
Steepster and everything. I’m really looking forward to trying the other
teas included, and those to come. Incidentally, Steepster is a social
community for tea lovers. Feel free to join me there

you clicked through to my weekly to-do list at the top, you’ll see that
I’ve added a goal to start journaling again this week. My journaling is
sporadic (to say the very least) and has been all my life. Normally I
journal only when I’m trying to work something(s) out in my head that I
feel it’s better to keep to myself rather than talking to other people
about. It’s also a way to “purge” them so I’m not
constantly worrying them while trying to focus on other things. It’s
self-therapy, really…and no, nothing’s “super-duper” wrong or
anything, I’ve just been doing a lot of thinking lately about my goals
in life, personally & professionally, and need a way to noodle them
out without involving another human party.

that end,  I downloaded Smart Diary 4 (my preferred digital journal
software…there’s a free version, both installed and portable (for usb
drives), and paid versions that do more stuff. And no, I don’t keep
paper journals anymore. People have a way of finding and reading them on
me no matter how well they’re hidden, and I’m not up for making myself
that vulnerable.

the goal is one journal entry per day this week. I need to find a good
time to schedule for that, or I won’t do it – probably late nights
before bed. We’ll see…

than that, lots of writing and business stuff this week, and of course
the holiday hoopla next weekend for Easter. To dye eggs or not to dye
eggs…that is the question…

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