On the Study of Languages, Rain, & Bathroom Cleaning…

Last week was an okay week – I was struggling with some Vitamin D
issues (did you know D actually acts as a hormone in your body?), and a
lot of work stuff, and I still managed to knock out all of my serial
scenes in time. So that was good. I also spent a lot of time beta
reading/editing for a friend, which is not something I do often, but
it’s a very good thing for all writers to do at least occasionally, in
my opinion. It’s really the only time you can let the analytical side of
your brain have free reign with a story and really dig into what works
and what doesn’t – it doesn’t work with your own stories, because there
are always things you just won’t see when they’re in your particular
voice. Editing someone else’s work tends to make you very much aware of
things that you really need to improve on/watch in your own writing. I
noted several things in the other writer’s draft that I either wasn’t
doing and needed to, or was doing and need to stop. So it’s good mental
exercise for any writer, really. 

In this particular case, I got a double mental workout, as there
was a lot of Middle English used in speech, which has rules and
idiosyncrasies all it’s own. I knew all that Shakespeare and King James
Bible reading I experienced as a child would come in handy someday. It
doesn’t hurt that I happen to be very interested in the history of
languages (the history of anything, really – that’s why I have a history
degree). The older the language, the better – dead languages were kind
of my “thing” in high school, and I’d have taken Latin and Greek in
college if they’d been offered at my university – I did study both in
high school.

It was a perfect weekend to stay indoors, considering the weather.
It started raining here on Thursday night, rained on and off  all day
Friday, and then started Saturday and didn’t stop through Sunday.  That
is a *lot* of water all at once for us – the dogs weren’t any more
thrilled with it than we were. I know we need the moisture, but part of
why I like Montana is that most of ours generally comes from snow,
rather than rain. I’d really prefer it goes back to that next year…

I was thinking about housecleaning this weekend (as you do when
you’re stuck inside), and while I’m getting better, I’m still not a good
housekeeper at all. I keep our weekly laundry done, but I still have
stacks of blankets and other assorted things that need to be washed.
I’ve finally gotten in the habit of vacuuming weekly, but it only took
me eight years to get there. I haven’t mopped the kitchen floor since we
moved in (I do vacuum it, but it really needs mopping) and I suck at
cleaning the bathroom. I clean the hair trap in the shower whenever the
tub stops draining, and everything else gets cleaned when we’re
expecting company.

Basically, I clean like most bachelors. *sigh*

I don’t know why it actually stuck in my brain this particular
weekend – the bathroom isn’t any cleaner or dirtier than normal, but I
had an epiphany that most normal people probably clean the bathroom more
often than we do. Heck, they probably mop the floor more often too, but
no need to get all carried away, right? And I thought to myself, “Self,
now that we’re vacuuming the floors pretty much every weekend, we
should clean the bathroom every weekend too.”

I know. Weird, wild stuff.

So yeah. New bullet point on my weekly cleaning list for next
weekend – clean the bathroom. Don’t you wish your life was as exciting
as mine?

What else is on the list this week? Well, let’s see…

– Serial scenes for 4 stories
– Three installments for the holiday serial (because once again, I didn’t manage to get them done ahead of time)
– More work on the non-fiction project
– Finish a crochet project I’m nearly done with, and start a new one.
– Workout three times this week (weather permitting, the dogs will get walks)
– Work my way through my TBR stack of comic books (well, part of it at least)
– Start designing Save the Date cards for our annual Halloween party
– Some reorganization/scheduling of weekly/daily to-do’s/tasks.

Oh, and I keep forgetting! If you want to win a paperback copy of my latest book, head over to Goodreads and sign up. The contest is open until next Monday, and there are 5 copies up for grabs.

I think that’s it for this week – think warm, sunshiny thoughts (but not too warm, because I’m picky like that)!

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