On Weather Talk, Free Stuff & African Violets…

Have you ever noticed how many conversations start with the weather?
Even here on the blog, I tend to mention the weather often, and I think
it’s because it’s one of those safe “opener” subjects we use to open a
conversation when we’re not sure how else to start it. See someone you
haven’t seen in awhile? “Lovely day, isn’t it?” On the elevator with a
stranger? “Nice that spring is finally here, isn’t it?” or “Brrr…my
feet are freezing. Shoulda grabbed my boots this morning.” It’s a
universal subject that everyone has an opinion on, but no one really
cares enough to get in a huge argument over. 

And now I’ve just opened my blog with a weather discussion again. Because I wasn’t sure how I wanted to start it today.  
week was only semi-productive, unfortunately. Mica-dog ate something
that disagreed with him again, which meant I was up all night Monday
night, and home from work Tuesday to keep an eye on him. I finally
caught a nap Tues. afternoon and was able to do a little writing that
night, but not much. So I ended up behind for the rest of the week.
Annoying, to say the least…and preventable too. We really need to
watch what Mica gets more closely – he’s got such a sensitive stomach
for a dog. 
I did manage to get chapters done
for all the serials though, and made good progress on my sci-fi story (I
go back and forth on whether it’s fantasy or sci-fi…it’s
steam-punkish, but to a lesser degree, and in a different time period,
with dragons, but not. So…). I also got some work in on my non-fiction
organizing guide. I could have been more productive, but all things
considered, I didn’t do too badly. 
was Free Comic Book day – so naturally I went and picked up some free
comics, and purchased a few others I’d been wanting. I really kind of
like how they do that – the free books are specifically produced for the
event, it’s one day a year, and it’s all about trying new comics, and
encouraging people who have never read them to pick one up. Some stores
have limits on how many you can take, others don’t, and I found myself
wondering how many people just pick up one of each (to whatever limit
the store sets) just because they’re free? I’m not that person – I can
turn down something for free just as easily as something with a price if
it’s not something I’m interested in. But I know a lot of people who
can’t resist getting something for nothing, even if that “something”
really has no value to them at all once they get it home. Interesting
psychology, don’t you think? I may have to explore that in a book
At the other end of the spectrum,
I’ve also been known to pay too much for something I really wanted. This
weekend at the grocery store I saw several lovely fancy African
Violets, and thought maybe I’d get one as a gift. They were expensive,
$7.99 each, and I know for a fact I could order them in cheaper (with
shipping), but still, a couple found their way into my cart – one for
that gift, the other for me. Why? Because they are lovely, and the joy
(both short term and long) of having them and giving one away was worth
the higher price to me at that moment in time. I used to grow African
Violets quite seriously, you see – I was even part of a local club, and I
haven’t had one for years now. It’s kind of a symbolic gesture to buy
myself one, as well as an experiment of sorts. It’s important to do that
for yourself occasionally, methinks. 
In any
case, it was a good weekend, if too short (as they all are). This coming
week will be rather busy (and the new fence will be finished Weds –
hooray!), but hopefully in a good way. Here’s my list: 
– Serial scenes for four stories, plus scenes for two extra stories
– Continue working on the kitchen organizing guide
– Monthly business bookkeeping
– Bi-monthly personal bookkeeping
– Finish reading through a draft for a friend
– Work on cover art for said draft
– Transplant new violet into a nice planter
– Clean out our front garden beds & plan what to add
– Figure out where to get a catalpa tree, and research other ornamental trees for the backyard
– Work on some crocheted gifts in progress
to do, as always, but fun stuff mixed in with work. So all in all, a
normal week. Here’s to nothing terribly abnormal happening to screw
things up, eh?

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One comment on “On Weather Talk, Free Stuff & African Violets…

  1. Ardee Eichelmann

    Jamie, I hope this week is easier on you than last week was…you had a time at the first of the week didn’t you. I find the information about African Violets to be another interesting aspect of your personality. I personally love African Violets but have never been successful with them. Actually I am not successful with any plants but that is another story altogether. My Meema used to raise African Violets and she had THE knack. Unfortunately after she passed on I managed to kill all of her African Violets despite my best efforts. I do smile and think about her when I see or read about African Violets. Hope you have a lovely week, Ardee-ann