On Working, Fall & Flowers…

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Happy Labor Day to those here in the US lucky enough to have the
day off! Personally, I’m somewhere in between, as I have the day off
from my web dev. job, but I’ll be working most of today for my
writing/publishing biz (more publishing prep and marketing stuff than
writing, but that’s why it’s called “work”). Nice thing about working at
home is, I can take a break whenever I want, go play with the dogs,
weed in the garden (hypothetically speaking), and get laundry done.  All
makes for a very good day, IMO. 

This morning
there’s a definite chill in the air, almost but not quite fall-like. I
love fall. It’s my favorite season of the year. Temperate days, cool
nights, and that crisp chill that is invigorating and at the same time
makes one think of baked apples and spiced chai. *sigh* 

My African violet
bloomed this weekend – the only one I currently have. I used to grow
shelves and shelves of them under light bars, even was part of
an African violet club for awhile (youngest member, of course). I think
they are some of the most beautiful flowers, dainty as they are, and
this one was an impulse purchase that I’m very glad to have made. It
will bloom on and off all winter long, bringing a spot of color to my
living room even in the cold winter months along with the orchids on my
dining room table. 
Interestingly, I’m not all
that fond of cut flower bouquets. Normally there’s at least one flower
in them that makes my allergies flare up, and I never remember to keep
the vase full, so they die pretty quickly in my house. But flowering
houseplants normally don’t bother my allergies, and they live for a very
long time as long as I remember to water them every once in awhile
(plants don’t die from too much water here – they die of neglect when
I’m busy with other things).  
Now if I could
just get the gardens outside in good shape…but that’s a whole ‘nuther
story (and a whole lotta work). Maybe next year…
So what’s on my list for this week? Well, let’s see: 
– THD is due to be released on Friday (so soon?!), so edits, formatting, etc for that. 
– Newsletter for BSB and a release note for my own subscribers
– Two more serial scenes for JB & LC
– More progress on my gargoyle story
– Cover art for LC
– Formatting & publishing prep for another BSB book coming out in two weeks
– More crochet & knitting work
– Weeding! Must get some weeding done, dang it. 
– Contemplating starting another short draft, but we’ll see. 
today, I’ll be happy if I get the edits done for THD, and a few normal
writing sessions in. Think I’ll do some weeding too. Not just because it
needs to be done, but because it’s good exercise, and I can always use
more of that. 

Whatever you’re doing today, I hope it’s a good Monday!

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2 comments on “On Working, Fall & Flowers…

  1. Carolina Valdez Miller

    For some reason I can’t keep African violets alive. They’re so pretty, though. For Labor Day I baked cupcakes. It was nice.

  2. Jamie D.

    Thanks for stopping by, Carolina – what an unexpected pleasure. A lot of people have trouble with violets…they really thrive on benign neglect, I’ve found. Most people fuss them to death. LOL

    I saw your cupcakes on FB – they looked (and sounded) rather yummy!