On Working Vacations, Dreaming Big, & Falling Short…

I’ll admit it – my vacation from the day job wasn’t really a vacation at all. I didn’t even sleep in much due to my husband not being able to take any time off with me. He had to get up for work, and there was little point in my going back to bed after he left…by then, it was nearly 9am. 

It was Halloween week, so part of the reason I was off in the first place was to get our yard all decked out for Halloween night. I spent a good part of the week doing that. And when I wasn’t working on Halloween stuff? I was frantically writing, trying to finish up as many of the drafts I have going before November 1st and NaNoWriMo as possible. I was only partially successful with that, sadly. 
Now I’m writing this on Sunday night with sore, tired eyes that have had way too much wind and screen-time this week, a NaNo draft that’s already behind, and a basement still exploded with the after-effects of our Halloween night. I accomplished a lot last week, but I find myself wishing I’d gotten just a little bit more done. Especially since taking a week off comes with the inevitable catch-up days at work, and I already have a full calendar there this month too. 
Incidentally, if you want to follow along with my NaNo draft as I write it this year, you can read each scene as it’s finished at ComicShopRomance.com
Sick, I know. See, I had this fantasy that by the end of my vacation, I’d be all caught up with everything for once, and could start this week in a really great, all-caught-up place for once. Instead, I’m still behind, and my eyes are still recovering from my neglect of them this week (it’ll be a few more days of eye gel 2x per day before they’re back to normal, sadly). 
The inherent trouble with fantasies, of course, is that they aren’t real. Which is excellent for day-dreaming and fiction, not so great for real life. 
In any case, it’s time to get my feet (and my head) planted firmly back in reality. So I’m keeping this list to just to the bare essentials for this week. Anything extra will be…just that. 
– Serial installments for three ongoing storie
s by this Friday
– BSB newsletter (that I forgot last week)
– As many words for the NaNo draft as possible
– Cover art & formatting for the book due out this Friday
– Cover art redesign for another book, plus the audio cover for the same
– Another square or two for the afghan I’m crocheting
– Knit for an hour each night
And that’s it. I know it may seem like a lot, but it’s all totally doable working a little bit each evening. The covers are both already designed – I just need to purchase the artwork and finalize them, so that isn’t as much work as it sounds either. 
Here’s to a productive week grounded in reality, eh?  

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