On Writer’s Notes…

I’ve been thinking (always a good sign, no?).
Wednesday Writer’s Notes feature has been a spot for me to just discuss
whatever happens to come to mind and how it applies to writing in any
given week. Which is fine, but I’d like to move it from structure/craft to
more of a scene/character/story analysis type of thing…the sort of
thing you’d find in the director’s cut of a movie, for instance (I should probably watch some of those then, eh?).
Or maybe more like MST 3K (if you don’t get that reference: 1. Man, I’m getting old, and  2. Google it. You can thank me later.)
In any case, I think bringing more analysis of
the drafts I’m working on into focus could be interesting to readers
(could be boring too…hard to say, really), but I think it could also
help me work out various plot points and character motivations. And that
means better writing, any way you slice it. Or I think it will,
Yes, I know this blog has been
steadily getting away from content for writers – and that’s a purposeful
move on my part. While readers may not be avid blog followers, I want
most of the content here to be for the occasional reader checking out my
work (or those who read my serial stories), not necessarily for other
writers (though I’m more than happy to have other writers pop in!).

you can expect a slight change in focus for the Writer’s Notes posts
starting next week. I’ll only be discussing my romantic suspense stories
on this blog, but I’ll also be adding Writer’s Notes to both of my pen
name blogs as well, for discussing the writing of erotic romance and
thriller/suspense stories.  And if there are any particular posts that
it seems readers might be interested in, perhaps I’ll add a “Writer’s
Notes” section to the back of my books when they’re published as well.
Sort of an “extended features” thing. We’ll see…

What are your thoughts on a “director’s cut” for books? Yay? Nay? Indifferent?

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