Rain, Releases, TV, & The List…

Welcome to another Monday. How was your weekend?

Coming Friday!

Mine was one of those do-lots-of-things-don’t-accomplish-much sort of weekends, which is really frustrating. I had this long list of things to do (including formatting The Handyman’s Harem Girl – releasing on Friday?!), and I wasn’t really sure where to start, so I just sort of bounced around and now that I’m at the end, I realize I’ve only really gotten one thing done that I wanted to do. It’s probably because it rained all day Saturday, and my head was killing me. I’m not a fan of rain anyways, but when the whole day is wet & dreary like that? It sucks.

Like I said, frustrating.

So now, of course, everything else spills out into the coming week. Which means another week of working most nights, instead of playing games & crocheting. It’s my own fault, of course, so I can’t complain too much, but I really need to pace myself better, instead of this slow-slow-slow-FAST rhythm I’ve got going on here. Perhaps that will be my major resolution for 2014…it’s kind of too late now for this year.  Then again, it’s not smart to make resolutions you know you’ll probably break… 

In any case, I absolutely *have* to be caught up with *everything* by the end of next weekend. Why? Do you really have to ask? 

Yes, my dear readers – the fall TV season is finally starting again. I’d leap and shout for joy except it’s late, and I’m kind of tired from all the stuff I didn’t get done. But I am *seriously* looking forward to the new season…and thankfully, aside from Sleepy Hollow (which starts tomorrow, I think), we don’t watch much on FOX these days considering we can’t get our local signal half the time anymore. I’d really like to watch SH, but we might have to just catch it online and be a week behind if our signal doesn’t come in consistently. Dang it. 

But in one week, all bets are off. I’ll be online, but you should just prepare now for about a zillion GetGlue check-ins from me as I rejoice in the return of all my favorite crime dramas & fairy tale spin-offs. Huzzah! 

Egads. It’s after midnight and I still have laundry to rescue from the dryer, so I’d better finish this up quick. The list for next week, you say? Are you sure you want to see it? Am I? 

Okay. We’ll be brave, shall we? 

– Formatting/uploading/book release for THHG
– Cover art for LC
– Serial scene for JB
– Revision work on October horror release
– 1 holiday serial story
– Update Alex W. web site and social networks
– Cover art for an audiobook
– Print formatting for three horror shorts
– Blog post for next month’s party at Alex’s blog
– Pay bills

There’s more, but we’ll just call that good, shall we? *yawn* Here goes nuthin’! I hope your week is off to a good start….  

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