Reading/Writing Wrap: Nov. 23, 2012

It’s Black Friday here in the U.S., which means so many people are
out shopping that the retail accounting books will be “in the black” for
the year by the time the day’s over. Consumerism at it’s best and/or
worst as people actually tend to get hurt and/or *killed* today while

Needless to say, I barely shop in physical stores on a normal day –
you couldn’t pay me to set foot in a store today. Online shopping is
the best thing that ever happened to me as far as getting more “stuff”
is concerned. And even my husband was shopping on Amazon yesterday,
finishing up his Christmas gift list with online sales.

In any case, I’m at work this morning while you’re reading this,
but I’ve been given the afternoon off so yay for that! I’ll be spending
most of the afternoon doing final mark-ups to stories I want to buy for
my next anthology, but hopefully I’ll be able to get those done quickly
enough to put some more time in on my NaNo draft. *crosses fingers*

Speaking of which, if you want to see what Kat and David have been up to this week, here are the latest installments:

There’s also a new chapter of The Handyman’s Harem Girl up at the Fantasy Ranch blog:

And for fans of my horror alter-ego, a new chapter of Jack at the Alex Westhaven blog:

This week I finished up a few books I was reading – Blasphemy by Douglas Preston – also my recommended read, Rocky Mountain Angel
by Vivian Arend (look for that on my blog soon!), and I finally
finished the short story collection by Michelle Davidson Argyle – True Colors and Other Short Stories (excellent literary fare to savor if you need a bit of a break, though many of the stories are bittersweet).

Next up on the reading roster, Split Second by Catherine Coulter, He Could Have Coped with Dragons by Dean Wesley Smith and Beautiful Sorrows by Mercedes M. Yardley. Yes, my Goodreads shelves are out of date again. I’ll put it on the to-do list in December.

So that’s my week. As you enter the holiday hustle & bustle, don’t forget to take time to read…

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