Recommended Read: “Believe It or Not” by Tawna Fenske

I’ll start by saying I’m acquainted with Tawna in the stalkerish “I
read her blog & social media updates, try not to laugh while
co-workers are around so I don’t have to explain what I’m laughing at,
and devour her books like candy” sense. I suspect we’d get along
famously if we ever had time to chat – though I also suspect most of her
other stalkers feel the same way.

Now you know where my bias lies when I say that her stories are truly fabulous, and Believe It or Not
is no exception. It’s hilarious, and sexy and heartwarming….did I
mention hilarious? Not really the kind of book you want to read in
public though, unless you have no issue with the strange looks people
will give you when you burst into spontaneous laughter, and then stare
at that corner table at the coffee shop wondering if a handsome strip
club owner will catch you if you were to stand on it wearing high heels
and start to fall.

Bonus points if you actually try that while reading this book, and
share the video, please. Tawna will appreciate it too, I’m certain.
Especially if that hunky guy actually does show up to rescue you…

Sometimes life really should imitate art, and that’s one of them. But I digress.

In any case, this story is better than chocolate. Yes, seriously.
Whether you’re looking for an escape, something to tickle your funny
bone or something to restore your faith in love winning no matter the
odds, it will give you all three and leave you with that well-satisfied
“morning after” feeling. Who doesn’t want that?

Go. Read. Be happy!

I’m not a
professional reviewer, I don’t accept offerings direct from writers or
publishing houses (so don’t email asking me to review your book – that’s an
excellent way to ensure I never read it), and there’s a very good chance
I know the authors of over half the books I’ll recommend, so my opinion
is likely biased on any given day. This is just me telling you about a
great book I recently read. Nothing more, nothing less.

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