Recommended Read: Connected by Jolyn Palliata

Back in December, I hosted a guest post by Jolyn
here on the blog, and I was reading her book then, but I wasn’t doing
reviews. I found it in my “current reads” list on my Kindle this week
while trying to decide what to recommend – books can’t move out of my
“current reads” file until I’ve finished and/or categorized or starred
them on Goodreads. So here we go…

I’m more than happy to recommend this book – it’s a paranormal
romance that actually is completely out of the ordinary. There are no
werewolves or vampires or shape-shifting critter/humans, it’s more of a
ghost story.

But not.

Apparently, the voices in your head may actually not be your own…

I’ll admit, I was a bit lost in the beginning, and I had no idea
how a romance could possibly develop under the conditions Jolyn gave her
characters, but it worked really well actually, and the sex
scenes….well, let’s just say creativity is a very good thing (as I
recall, they aren’t terribly graphic, so don’t skip it just because of
that). I was so wrapped up in the ending I was nearly shouting at my
kindle – it was intense, and unfair, and then somehow against all odds
she pulled off the happily ever after. Thank goodness. *whew!*

I’ve been meaning to buy the next book in the series – maybe I’ll
do that before I take this one off the current reads shelf. I’m eager to
find out what she has in store for us next.

Read it. If you’re a fan of paranormal romance, I’m sure you’ll love it.

I’m not a
professional reviewer, I don’t accept offerings direct from writers or
publishing houses (so don’t email asking me to review your book – that’s an
excellent way to ensure I never read it), and there’s a very good chance
I know the authors of over half the books I’ll recommend, so my opinion
is likely biased on any given day. This is just me telling you about a
great book I recently read. Nothing more, nothing less.