Recommended Read: Deadly Consequences by Lori Gordon

I’ll just preface this by saying that I “know” Lori online, and I downloaded this for free. So now you know.

Deadly Consequences by Lori Gordon
is a suspense novella in a more contemporary “who-dun-it” style. It
takes place in a zoo, and I found the main character – Sam Black – to be
a very interesting character, if a bit more unstable than I’d normally
expect a cop to be. She reminds me of Kate Beckett (um, you do watch
Castle, right?), though a somewhat more emotional version. The chemistry
she has with her partner is very intriguing, and I’m looking forward to
exploring that more in the novel Lori has coming out next (I think it’s
next, anyways – I hope so).

The mystery is pretty standard for a murder plot, with plenty of
twists and turns to keep you guessing (they did me) and conflict with
another detective that you’ll want to slap upside the head several
thousand times before you’re done reading (I’ll admit, I wanted to smack
Sam too for allowing him to do what he did, but I tend to be hard on
characters and people alike who allow themselves to be steamrolled). I
was left scratching my head over something in the end, but it resolved
itself satisfactorily before the story ended, and made a nice final
twist out of things.

All in all, an excellent suspense well played – more Sam & Alex, please!

I’m not a
professional reviewer, I don’t accept offerings direct from writers or
publishing houses (so don’t email asking me to review your book – that’s an
excellent way to ensure I never read it), and there’s a very good chance
I know the authors of over half the books I’ll recommend, so my opinion
is likely biased on any given day. This is just me telling you about a
great book I recently read. Nothing more, nothing less.

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