Recommended Read: Superstitions by J. Carson Black

I downloaded this western romantic suspense story for free one day on a whim – incidentally, I can’t find it on the author’s web site
anywhere (hence the no cover art thing – sorry!), but if you head to Amazon and do a search, it’ll come up
there. I try not to post links just to a single store unless it belongs
to the author (I prefer to post links to the author’s site, so you can
discover more of his/her books while you’re at it), and I’m too lazy to
hunt down links for multiple stores, but you’re all well aware of how to
search your favorite online bookstore, right? 

any case, this is a rather intriguing little story set loosely against
the backdrop of a “true legend” of The Lost Dutchman’s Mine. It’s got
all the elements of a western – great setting, attitudes that match
those you’d expect on an old west ranch or town, and enough historical
tidbits thrown in to make it feel very authentic (yes, I read westerns
exclusively for a couple years when I was younger – Zane Grey, all the
way, baby).

And of course the
basic elements one would expect from a romance are there as well,
including a love triangle that will have you wanting to strangle each of
the players for different reasons at one point or other. So…good
romantic conflict & tension, in a nutshell. 

suspense and romance were well-balanced, I think…which is nice, since
it’s sometimes hard to find that anymore (and hard to do well too,
believe me – I’m constantly trying). The pacing is a little slow for a
modern romance, but it’s a western, and the slower, more even pacing is
perfect for that. It certainly doesn’t lag or get boring, but at the
same time it’s easy to leave and pick up again when you need to. Handy,
in my opinion.

If you’re looking
for a good weekend read, or something to unwind with at the end of the
day, this will certainly fit the bill and leave you with a pleasant,
“all is right with the world” feeling when you’re finished.

I’m not a
professional reviewer, I don’t accept offerings direct from writers or
publishing houses (so don’t email asking me to review your book – that’s an
excellent way to ensure I never read it), and there’s a very good chance
I know the authors of over half the books I’ll recommend, so my opinion
is likely biased on any given day. This is just me telling you about a
great book I recently read. Nothing more, nothing less.

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