Recommended Read(s): “Sexy Trilogy” by Linda Francis Lee

I bought the first book by clicking through a Facebook sidebar ad –
not something that happens often. It was all downhill from there.


The stories are simple, but the characters and emotions are
anything but, and that’s why I love contemporary romance. Don’t even ask
me to pick a favorite – I bought “Suddenly Sexy” first, and then I
*needed* to read “Simply Sexy”, and by then, I couldn’t not read
“Sinfully Sexy”, because this trilogy is the story of three very close
but very different friends who stay together…I’m not really sure how,
with as different as their personalities are. But somehow they all
complement, challenge and ground each other without serious damage when
things go awry.

The men…well. I mean, we are talking romance novels here, so of
*course* the men are hot and completely irresistible. The thing is, all
three of these women are doing their level best *to resist* for varied
reasons (good ones, in my opinion), and yet breaking down those walls is
the best thing that could ever happen for both them and their men.

These books are *not* just the same story written
three times. Each character is emotionally complex and needing something
different, and the way they get it is unique to their situation –
sometimes heartrendingly so. All three stories are stand-alone, but I
think you’ll want to read the others once you read one. I highly
recommend you grab one next time you’re in the mood for a great
contemporary romance. 

More information and buy links are all at Linda’s site – I see she has a few other books out that may end up in my TBR pile as well!

I’m not a
professional reviewer, I don’t accept offerings direct from writers or
publishing houses (so don’t email asking me to review your book – that’s an
excellent way to ensure I never read it), and there’s a very good chance
I know the authors of over half the books I’ll recommend, so my opinion
is likely biased on any given day. This is just me telling you about a
great book I recently read. Nothing more, nothing less.

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