Resolution Week: Scheduling for Success

This is another long post – just FYI. If you need a cup of tea and a snack, better grab it now and settle in…
word “resolution” can be defined a couple of different ways. The first
is what we’re all thinking about (or avoiding stridently) this time of
year, which is a “strong intent to do or avoid doing something”. 

we tend to forget is that a “resolution” is also defined as a solution
to a problem, or the end of something (like, say, a project). So in
making resolutions, we are actually stating our intent to find solutions
for what we see as issues in our lives. 
doesn’t normally happen magically, whether we’re talking about water all
over the basement or a big project at the day job (or even a writing
project). It’s not often we jump from the start of something straight to
the resolution (and when we do, it’s normally a huge surprise outcome
that we are naturally suspicious of – or maybe that’s just me).

in order to reach a resolution for something, we need a plan. For a
problem, we need to troubleshoot first in order to figure out exactly
how the problem happened, and then a plan to fix the problem so it won’t
happen again. For a project, we need to break the end goal into
smaller, manageable chunks to avoid being overwhelmed and missing
important details.

Part of that
plan for me is scheduling. I realize not everyone responds to daily,
weekly & monthly routines like I do, but I thrive on having fairly
set routines the majority of the time. Routines give me freedom, because
I feel like everything is under control (even when I need to deviate
from the routine for whatever reason). It’s a mental game for me…and
it allows my brain to relax and not worry about getting things done
because everything has a scheduled time and place.

I create my list of resolutions for the year, one thing I do is to make
sure I add them to my regular schedule. If I can’t make a resolution
fit on my normal schedule, it doesn’t make the final list (reference my
rules for resolutions at the top of this post). This is part of planning
to succeed – giving myself the time needed to accomplish the goal,
rather than just trying to “fit it in wherever” (which I think we all
know rarely works – it’s a good way to forget things for an entire
My full daily schedule would make most
people tremble in fear – not due to what’s on it (because everyone
actually has the same sort of daily routines, it’s just most people
don’t realize it), but because of how detailed it is and how huge it
looks when you’re cognizant of it and write it all out. But I don’t need
the whole schedule when I’m working in my resolutions – I just need to
know when those things will fit. So here’s my tentative daily/weekly
schedule for 2013 – not all of it, just enough to give you an idea of
where my new tasks will fit into my normal day/week. 
Writing: 4 fiction drafts going consistently
Crafts & Hobbies: Nail Art, Tea tasting notes, Crochet & Polymer Clay, Smurf & Stamp Collecting
Health: Morning Yoga, nightly workouts x3
Business & Marketing: Finances once a month (first/third weekend – two chances), one monthly newsletter, three random (release only) newsletters
Blogging: Excerpts
on VP, TM & AW blogs once weekly. SB as needed for
announcements/sub calls/new releases. Weekly news post & recommended
read on VP. Weekly nail art post, random tea & other hobby blogs.


Menu Planning/Prep cooking
Hobby Day
VP Post (schedule for Monday)
Excerpts (Schedule for the week)
Recommended Reads (schedule)
Nail Art (Schedule)

Yoga – 6:30am – 6:40am
Promos/business work & TV – 8pm – 10pm
Writing 11pm – 12am

Yoga – 6:30am – 6:40am
Promos/biz stuff & TV 7:30 – 8:30pm
Swimming – 9pm – 10pm
Writing 11pm – 12am

Yoga – 6:30am – 6:40am
Billiards (1/2 year) or strength workout (1/2 year) & promo
Writing 1 hr late night

Yoga – 6:30am – 6:40am
Promo/Biz work & TV – 7:30pm – 8:30pm
Swimming – 9pm – 10pm
Writing 11pm – 12am

Yoga – 6:30am – 6:40am
Biz stuff & TV – 7:30pm – 9pm
Strength training – 9:30pm – 10:00pm
Writing 11pm – 12am

Cleaning/Errand Day 11am – 4pm or so
Finances (first & third Sat. of the month, business & personal) 7pm – 9pm
Nail Night – midnight to 2am or so
sure you get the idea, right? As for publishing stuff, my publishing
schedule is separate from the general daily schedule and I’m keeping
that to myself as things tend to get moved around quite often on that. 
that’s part one of how I plan to succeed – I schedule my resolutions
into my daily routines as I make them, to ensure they won’t just
immediately fall through the proverbial cracks. 
tomorrow’s post, I’ll explore the infrastructure needed for my own
resolutions, and how I’ve been working on that over the past month or
so. Join me if you’re interested!

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2 comments on “Resolution Week: Scheduling for Success

  1. Carol

    Jeez, I’m still working on my daily schedule and you’ve got your whole year planned out. Way to make me feel like a slacker! LOL

    On the other hand . . . that’s why you’ll be looking back on a year full of accomplishments while others will be looking back at a year full of regrets.

    My resolution this year is to be more like Jamie. 🙂

  2. Jamie D.

    LOL – Yeah, but I’ve been thinking about this for over a month now. You were still recovering from NaNo last month (which I abandoned).

    It takes time and energy to get (and stay) organized…it certainly doesn’t happen overnight, and I’ve been perfecting my goal-setting & planning methods for *years* (we’re talking since high school). Anyone can do this…it’s just like anything else in life – something you learn (or train yourself to do, whichever you prefer).

    I certainly hope others don’t regret the year, whether they reach their goals or not. Regret is wasted emotion, IMO – everything that happens to us adds to who we are as a person, even the bad stuff. Without it, we wouldn’t be who we are…and that’s pretty significant, if you think about it.