Resolutions 2011

It’s that time of year again – the time when those of us who love lists and organization look to the future and predict our productivity for the coming year. If you’re not one of the goals/resolution crowd, I’ve seen a few people picking one word to define their focus for the upcoming year – perhaps that would suit better? Seems like a great idea to me.

I’m listing all of my resolutions below, for those who might be interested in more than just my writing goals. Writing first, of course – then you can skip the rest if you choose. I’m extremely optimistic for this year, and really looking forward to seeing what I can accomplish in the next twelve months.

Resolutions 2010


  • At least 500-800 words per day, six days per week.

  • Complete & publish two more romantic suspense books.

  • Complete my first thriller/suspense novel and prepare to publish in early January 2012.

  • Complete several (3-5) erotic short stories and publish both individually and as a collection.

  • Read The Novel Writer’s Toolkit by Bob Mayer for craft study.

  • Write ahead on my serial novels as much as possible, and stay ahead until at least next fall.

A short list at first look, but packed with an insane amount of exciting possibilities, as well as monetary potential. The titles I’ll be working on this year are already planned out and started. So I feel pretty good about my ability to complete them within a year.


  • Continue to grow the Brazen Snake Books name via new titles

  • Explore the possibilities of a publishing collaboration with a few select authors

  • Build up a library of resources on the site for all writers to refer to and use.

These are purposely vague, because ultimately, the business is a marketing tool, and an “umbrella” to keep all of my genres together, but separate. So I’ll be using this as I need to, in whatever way seems the most logical & lucrative choice at the time.


  • Listen to music more. It’s one of the only things that quiets (or drowns out) my racing mind, and I think more of those breaks will be beneficial to all aspects of my life.

  • Read 85 books, as I committed to on Dolly’s yearly reading challenge .

  • Take better care of my eyes, my feet and my teeth. All chronic issues that can be kept from getting worse with a little daily attention.

  • Re-establish and follow healthier habits as far as working out and eating go.

  • Go easier on myself when stuff doesn’t get done around the house, when blog posts are late, etc. I can only do so much, and I need to remember that and allow for it.

That’s plenty of goals for this year, I think – enough to keep me busy and moving forward, for sure.

Now I have a couple of serial chapters to write before the day is gone…what are you up to this first day of 2011?

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14 comments on “Resolutions 2011

  1. Susanne

    In answer to your question, I am doing as little as possible today, much to the annoyance of my DH. Reading and surfing the internet are the order of the day. I did put dinner in the oven (brisket) this morning to slow cook all day.

  2. Dolly

    Very busy year for you – just as 2010 was. Good luck with this year’s goals and hope it will be a very productive one.

  3. Lissa Matthews

    For this first day of 2011, I’ve been lazy. Watching football…the last days of College Football for the season. Catching up on some things I’ve not been around for online… I haven’t started my New Year’s List yet. Something I need to get to. I do think I’ll be picking up a copy of Bob Mayer’s book though.


  4. Ardee-ann

    Jamie, you have a very solid and doable list of resolutions. I am the worst about making resolutions in the pack, in fact, I gave them up for Lent many years ago and never went back to them again BUT that doesn’t keep me from cheering on my peeps and helping them to remember the ways in which they are resolved. I wish you well Ms. DeBree, I think you can do ANYTHING you set your mind to doing!



  5. Erica

    Great list, Jamie! Your yearly goals look like my lifetime ones ;o) I’m just watching the bowl games on tv. Taking it easy. I’m looking forward to 2011 though!! Sounds like you will be busy ;o) Thanks for sharing!

  6. Carol

    I love the way you’ve broken down your goals, Jamie!

    You already know what I was up to this morning, and this afternoon I’ve just finished taking the tree down. Tonight there’s another Star Trek marathon during which I will be writing. 🙂

  7. Brooklyn Ann

    I’m being pretty lazy today. But later my husband and I are gonna get a Bloomin’ Onion from Outback steakhouse as is our New Year’s tradition. We couldn’t afford a whole dinner this year. 🙁 My son’s going to sleep over at a friend’s house so we’re enjoying a night without kids.
    I’ll be posting my resolutions soon on my blog.
    Happy New Year!

  8. Jamie D.

    LOL – Sometimes annoying the hubby is a fun past-time, especially when it doesn’t require any effort.

    Brisket – yum!

  9. Jamie D.

    Thanks Dolly – I hope you have a great and productive year as well!

  10. Jamie D.

    Lazy is good. I’ve thumbed through Bob’s book, and I think it will be really good. Thanks for stopping, and good luck with your goals too…

  11. Jamie D.

    Thanks Ardee – you’re too sweet, and my favorite cheerleader.

  12. Jamie D.

    LOL – More games! Lots of that today. You have impressive goals yourself, if I recall from your post (I will get back over to comment, honest!). Here’s to goals and progress (and laziness)!

  13. Jamie D.

    Thanks Carol. I find specific works better than general when possible. Enjoy the ST marathon! And many words to you…

  14. Jamie D.

    I think “lazy” is the order of the day. Bummer on dinner, but next year, right? Yay for a kid-free night, and a Bloomin’ Onion! I’ll look forward to seeing your list too…