Rollercoasters All Around – 2012 in Review

Welcome back! I hope you had a merry/happy holiday season and a
relaxing and/or fun-filled week. As you can see, I’ve been busy updating
templates and web sites, moving things around and generally wreaking
mayhem on my little corner of the ‘net. Things aren’t quite put back
together again yet, but most pages and links should be working more or
less normally now. 
It’s the last day of
2012…are you ready for a new year? It’s been a roller-coaster year for
us, moreso than normal what with switching out two cars (one planned, one out of necessity), losing a dog, adopting another dog, riding actual roller coasters in Florida, and a job switch-up for the hubby. Up and down, up and down…as someone who doesn’t do change all that well, I’m looking forward to what I hope will be a more stable year in 2013. 
any case, in the last few weeks I’ve gone over my 2012 resolutions to
see how I did. Here’s the list, and my comments for each section: 


– 1 flash story per week (dropped)
– 15 short stories in three genres (5 each), culminating in 3 collections (Four stories done)
– 1 thriller novella  (Shelved)
– 1 romantic suspense novel (check)
– 1 romantic suspense novella (check)
– 1000 words 5 days per week (500 words per day done)
– Try out methods of planning stories that won’t kill my interest (never got around to it)
– Read three craft books (nope)
– Pick one craft element to focus on for each project during the year. (sort of) 

*Sigh* Yeah. No.
failed pretty miserably with these last year, for a variety of reasons.
The main one was lack of motivation – I said I’d give myself a break,
and it ended up being too much of a break. I also got too caught up in
the “serial schedule” and didn’t hit my 1k words per day goal, which
together just made everything slower. Plus I had a few stories that
ended up going way over the word count I’d planned for them, and the
thriller/horror novella needs a completely different ending (so I
shelved it, rather than fixing it this year). Not my best writing year
ever, though not my worst either. My writing goals and methods are
getting a complete overhaul next year…


Get a handle on my bookkeeping, and stay on top of it monthly – this is
an absolute must if I want to keep running my own writing business. (nope)
– Stop worrying about alternate formats, bookstore sales, etc – focus on writing (check)
– Minimal promotion – blog, twitter, FB & newsletters, occasional guest posts. That’s it. (check)
– Cut down on services offered to other authors.  (check)

did well on this last year, aside from the bookkeeping part (I really,
really suck at that!). Unfortunately, I did a little too well as far as
cutting back on promo goes, and my sales show it. So I’m going to have
to find better balance with this…and better, easier bookkeeping



– Be a better housekeeper by following new cleaning schedules. I genuinely want a cleaner, more kept up house. (check!)

Play more. I refuse to feel guilty this year about playing FB games, or
taking time out for TV/movies/reading.  If I need a mental break from
real life, I’ll take it. (check)
– Keep up with the 3x weekly workout habit I’ve established, and watch the portion sizes. (check)

Keep up with my dental-treatment plan…one visit per month until it’s
done (or until insurance runs out for the year and I can’t afford out of
pocket). (check)
– Take better care of my feet & hands, including toenails, cuticles and skin. I need to develop a schedule for this. (nope)

Go back to making my own moisturizer and makeup remover. It’s better
for my skin in a major way, and I’m tired of trying to find the perfect
all-natural makeup remover wipe. It really doesn’t take that much time
or effort, so there’s no reason not to do that. (check)

excelled in this area last year – which makes sense, considering what I
*didn’t* get done above. I established a regular housecleaning schedule
(and have spent the last month organizing trouble spots in our house so
we’re starting the new year right). I actually *watched* my favorite TV
shows, instead of half paying attention while multi-tasking with work, I
played games, I lost 38lbs, and I’ve been taking better care of myself
on the whole. I still have a lot of dental work to get done, but I did
as much as I could before maxing out my insurance, and I’ve got my first
appointment for next year already scheduled.

in the personal arena, I’m good. I’m where I should be. And considering
two years ago I let everything personal go for the writing, and last
year the writing slipped for personal stuff, I think 2013 should be the
year I finally get it all balanced out, right? One can hope…
the thing – even though I may have done better in some areas that
others, I kept moving forward in all areas, and that’s really what’s
important. So even though I consider parts of the year as failures, I’m
still not terribly unhappy with how the year went. There was a lot to
deal with, so just to keep moving forward through all that is a success, no
matter what. 
Tomorrow, I’ll post my
resolutions for 2013, along with my definition of a “resolution” and how
I go about choosing them. Stop back in if you want to see what I’ll be
working on for the next year. 

How was your 2012? Whether you set resolutions or not, did you keep moving forward despite the difficulties?  

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2 comments on “Rollercoasters All Around – 2012 in Review

  1. Ardee Eichelmann

    2012 ~ my writing was a total bust. I didn’t even do a halfway decent just with my blog. I just wasn’t in the groove at all. However, I did keep moving along throughout the year with pretty much everything even the writing even though the writing arena was a total dud. I got stuck in the muck a few times but continued to sally forth. I think that is all that we can ask for is to keep moving forward and hope for the best. I commend you on all of your hard work. Hopefully you will find some balance this year. That is never an easy goal to achieve. Hugs, Ardee-ann

  2. Jamie D.

    Sorry the writing was a bust, Ardee-ann…but as long as you kept moving forward, that’s what matters! Here’s to a more productive year this year, eh? 🙂