It’s Monday again – who wants a good rant?! Okay, okay! I see all
your hands raised out there, but this is my blog, so I get to go first.
Feel free to rant back at me in the comments, a social media post of
your choice, or in the comfort of your own home. I wouldn’t recommend
yelling if you’re at work in a shared office, but hey, if you’re comfy
with the idea, have at it. Maybe you’ll amuse a co-worker or two.

So last week I exported all my RSS (stands for “Real Simple
Syndication”) feeds from Google Reader into Netvibes. Two days later, my
feed URL’s (yes, today is acronym day here at VP – URL = “Uniform
Resource Locator”, more commonly known as an internet address)
mysteriously disappeared from Netvibes. The titles were still there,
just not the feeds. I surfed around a bit, checked out the alternatives,
and while I often rebel against being trendy, I decided to be a sheep
for once and set up an account with Feedly. It hasn’t been too difficult
to get used to, once I figured out where the “titles only” view button
was, and I can get a very scaled down view on my tablet too, so I’m not
stuck with the magazine layout. So for now, it’ll work. 

Not much of a rant, eh? Here’s the thing I don’t get. So many
people across the ‘net don’t “get” why feed readers (and those of us who
use them) are so important. The thing that feed readers really do well
is allow you to collect articles from all over the web and *read them
later*. You can also sort them for easier searching and better
organization, and save or share all from the same place. I miss a lot of
links on FB, Twitter, and the other social sharing sites simply due to
being at work during the day, and often when I do see an article I want
to read, I don’t have time to read it right then. My feed reader means
that all those articles, blog posts and web site updates that I’d
otherwise miss are captured and held for me in *one spot* – I don’t have
to visit a million different sites to get information from *you*, which
means I’m able to read and see more than I would otherwise. I’m also
able to easily save articles that I might want to refer back to later or
pass along, all in the same app.

Personally, I don’t understand why *everyone* isn’t using a feed
reader. It’s the ultimate organizational tool and takes so very little
effort to use…

On a similar and semi-related note, I recently started seeing the
abbreviation “tl;dr” popping up here and there. I’m normally pretty good
at figuring out text/bulletin board speak, but this one I actually had
to look up (grinding my teeth at the semicolon the whole time). When I
finally figured out that it stands for “too long; didn’t read” (and
after I got over thinking the semicolon should be a comma or not there
at all, and “didn’t read” should be abbreviated “DNR”, not “DR”), I was
actually pretty depressed. You didn’t read something because it was too
long? Really? I think you’re lying, honestly. If an article, book, or
whatever is engaging enough, you’ll keep reading no matter how long it
is. If it’s not, you didn’t stop because it was too long, you stopped
because you weren’t interested in continuing. And if you didn’t read it
because you looked at the length and decided you just didn’t have time,
then you need a feed reader, dang it! Save it for later, read it when
you have time. Complex thoughts and discussions can’t be had in the
space of three evenly-broken-up paragraphs. I’m not sure when our
collective attention span got so small, but really, we should be
consciously working to change that. It’s a bug, not a “feature”.

That’s enough of a rant for today, don’t you think? I wouldn’t want
to strain myself or anything. On with actual news (I figure we’ve
already lost those who think this post is too long, right?): 

Last week I was cruising along until Mica-dog ended up sick Tuesday
night. Which means I didn’t actually have much “cruising” time. We were
up all night, and that meant Wednesday pretty much sucked too – wave
goodbye to productivity, eh? Mica was better by Weds night, but my
momentum was shot. Hard as I tried, I couldn’t catch up with the
writing, though I did spend most of this weekend catching up the
business bookkeeping – by which I mean it’s 98% done, thank goodness.

So lots to do this week – I don’t get Friday off or anything, so
it’s a full week of work for me, and I need to at least get the taxes
started on Saturday. Busy, busy…and I have those three stories due
this weekend, only one of which is started. *eyeroll*

Here’s the list for this week:

– 3 Easter-themed stories for the Holiday collection
– Whatever writing I can get done on other things after those are finished
– Taxes on Saturday
– Vacuum, since I didn’t get it done yesterday
– Resist the urge to mainline the rest of the season 3 episodes of
Alias so Sydney & Vaughn can finally get back together (Alias is my
“manicure night” entertainment – Amazon Prime has it streaming free)

And that’s it. Honestly, if I can just get all that writing done and our taxes started, I’ll be a happy camper.

Finally, I was catching up on YouTube videos this weekend, and
stumbled across some newer NKOTB (“New Kids on the Block” for those who
were not obsessed teenage fan girls) videos. I’ve avoided listening to
them as adults on principle (I was a huge fan when I was 15 or so), but
out of curiosity, I watched one of the new vids. And then another. And
another – seriously, they grew up quite nicely. Yes, I feel geeky
admitting that, but hey, we all have our vices, right? In any case, this
was my favorite of the videos I watched, and the song is stuck in my
head, so from me to you on a Monday morning. You’re welcome.

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