Schedule Changes and “Recommended Read”

I’ve been thinking.

*watches readers scurry for cover*

Everyone comfy behind the furniture or under your blanky? Alrighty then.

off, I’ve decided it makes no sense to post the notes about a serial
scene before the scene is written. It makes far more sense to post them
afterward, so I don’t have to worry about spoiling anything in the
scene. And it also makes more sense to have the notes for Fantasy Ranch
stories over on that blog, and the notes for my other romantic suspense
on this blog, all organized-like. So as of this week, the Writer’s Notes
feature that I normally have on Wednesdays here will move to Thursday,
and the serial story will move to Wednesday. Over on the Fantasy Ranch
blog, I’ll add a Writer’s Notes feature on Thursday. This means my
horror blog serial will move too (it was on Weds before, now it will be
on Fridays). I realize this is bound to be somewhat confusing in
paragraph form, so I’ll post a nice little updated schedule list at the
bottom of this post for all of my blogs, and there will be links on FB
and twitter too (if I can keep remembering to post them). This blog
feeds to Goodreads as well, so you can keep up however you want.

there’s a list of free serial reads posted to the Snake Bites blog
every Sunday so you can catch up if you need to – not just with my
stories, but with other BSB authors as well (say…Carol Ward, for
instance – you really should check out her stories too, if you haven’t

That takes care of that. Now for a new feature I’ve been waffling over for some time now…

been a reader longer than I’ve been a writer. By a lot of years. I
started reading books with words in them when I was 5 years old, and
I’ve been reading rather voraciously ever since. Shortly after I started
publishing I realized that giving a negative book review really wasn’t
an option any longer, so I stopped reviewing altogether. Conflicts of
interest, fear, whatever you want to call it.
thing is, I still want to recommend books I’ve read and enjoyed –
because I enjoyed them! And other people might too, and it’s insanely
difficult to keep quiet about books you’ve read that you love (right?).
Yes, I’m totally biased toward friends’ books, and I have an affinity
for certain genres over others, and I have a strong bias toward the
stories I publish by other authors too…but as long as you know that,
you should be able to judge for yourself whether my comments on a book
has any weight whatsoever with you, right?
inspired by my buddy Carol (again – she does that a lot), I’m going to
add a “Recommended Read” feature here at The Variety Pages every Friday.
I will pick one book every week that I enjoyed and think others might too, and I’ll write up a short review to tell you why I liked it so much. I’ll do this on my erotic romance blog as well for books that are quite a bit racier than what I recommend here.
Here’s the big kicker though – writers
*cannot* submit books to me for review/feature. I won’t accept them, and
depending on the volume of emails I get from authors who fail to read
the fine print, I may not even respond. These books will be books that I
sought out or found on my own…normally I’ll have paid for them unless
they were on a free promo or something, but I’ll note that as well.
This feature is just me telling you about a great book I read, not a
professional review.  And I’ve read some really great books lately, so
it’s going to be fun to finally be able to talk about why I liked them
so very much.
I think that does it…oh right. New blog schedules – here you go (I’ll get these posted in the sidebars when I can):
The Variety Pages (you are here!)
Monday – Weekly News, Goals & Prompt
Tuesday – Open
Wednesday – Serial Story
Thursday – Writer’s Notes
Friday – Recommended Read
Tuesday – Serial Story
Thursday – Writer’s Notes
Trinity Marlow (erotic romance)
Tuesday – Recommended Read (occasional)
Thursday – Serial Story
Friday – Writer’s Notes
Tuesday – Recommended Read (occasional)
Friday – Serial Story
Saturday – Writer’s Notes

Alrighty then – good stuff, right? You can come out now…I think…  

2 comments on “Schedule Changes and “Recommended Read”

  1. Carol

    Aw, thanks for the shout out and glad I could be an inspiration. 🙂

    Hmmm. According to your new schedule the Variety Pages serial is moving to Wednesdays. Tomorrow’s Wednesday. Does this mean we get the next installment of Fit to be Chai-ed tomorrow?

  2. Jamie D.

    Why yes, yes it does, as a matter of fact. Already have it written and scheduled, even. 🙂