Serial Break & Story Choices

With the draft of English Breakfast done and me in the
middle of revisions for a couple different books, I kind of forgot about
a Friday post this week. I have a crazy number of drafts just waiting
to be written, several of which are prime candidates for serializing
here, but at the same time, I’m doing a little experiment to see if
maybe I can write faster if I don’t serialize right away, but rather
focus hard on just one or two drafts at a time (for those who don’t
follow my other pen names, I normally have at least three, sometimes
four or five drafts in progress at once). 

I could certainly handle serializing whichever draft I happen to be
focusing on, of course. But for the next couple weeks, I’m focusing on
revisions and finishing up all of the stories for the Holiday series I’m
writing this year, so I won’t be starting a new romantic suspense draft
for at least a few weeks.

In the interim, I think I’ll just go ahead and post excerpts from
previously published books on Fridays, and perhaps a few from future
holiday stories as I work on them as well. Then once I have another rom.
suspense draft going, I’ll either serialize it, or post excerpts as I’m
writing. We’ll see when I get to that point.

Incidentally, if you like a little horror/psychological suspense on occasion, my latest Alex Westhaven story is out today. Details here…

So what’s up next after I finish writing the holiday series? Maybe
you can help me decide. Which of these would you be most excited about
reading next (if you can’t decide, I don’t blame you – how do you think I feel)?

Jasmine Betrayal (Book 3, BeauTEAful Summer series)
Live With Me (Book 2, Be With Me series)
The Artist’s Attorney (Book 4, Fantasy Ranch series)
Untitled Book 1 of the Gothic Guardians series (paranormal romantic suspense)

No need to comment here if the captcha security thing frustrates
you – you can also comment on Facebook, Twitter or G+. I’d love to hear
from you, wherever you feel most comfortable.

And that’s it for this Friday…here’s to a sunny, relaxing weekend for us all!

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One comment on “Serial Break & Story Choices

  1. Ardee Eichelmann

    Oh, all of the suggested stories sound great but I think that Jasmine Betrayal and Live With Me are the ones that “ring my bell” the most. Of course, if you write it I am likely to read it. Cheers, Ardee-ann