Serial Story: Fit to be Chai-ed, Ch. 1

Fit to be Chaied is the first story in my new “BeauTEAful Summer” collection. New chapters will be posted here weekly every Friday. I hope you enjoy reading along! Story cover art coming soon…

Fit to be Chai-ed
Chapter 1

Anna stifled the urge to look over her shoulder again as she pulled her jacket tighter and hurried into The Trusty Mug. The biker who had just roared up on his Harley had arrived at the same time she had for the past two weeks, and while she knew it was probably just coincidental that his schedule seemed to match hers, she couldn’t help feeling like he was watching her. Especially since she’d seen him ride by her office two blocks away on several of those mornings.  

The contrast between the cool spring morning and the warmth of her favorite coffee shop sent a shiver up her spine as she smiled at the man behind the counter. He was younger, maybe college age, with a boyish face that just made her want to ruffle his hair in a little brother type way. She suspected he had a little crush on her, and she didn’t see any harm in that. It was actually flattering, and if he was a just a little older…  

“Good morning, Will. What have you got for me to try today?”

“Good morning Anna.” He smiled back, wiggling his eyebrows as he reached for a grande paper cup. “You are going to love this,” he said, unscrewing a glass jar filled with dried leaves and colorful bits that looked like petals. “Chocolate Roses. It’s our newest blend. Customers are raving – especially the women.”

She closed her eyes and took in a deep whiff, the light scent of rosebuds accentuated with rich chocolate filling her senses and making her mouth water. Who would have thought to combine two of her favorite things in a drink?

“Oh wow. That is…amazing.” Opening her eyes, she watched as he filled an empty teabag with a heaping spoonful of the mix and placed it in the cup before filling it with steaming water. Snapping a lid over the bag and finishing it off with a cardboard sleeve, he slid it across the counter, picking up the bills she’d laid out.

“Enjoy it. Refills are on the house, so feel free to visit me again later,” he said, flashing her a parting wink.

“I bet you say that to all the girls, don’t you?” She grinned at his nonchalant shrug, wishing she was better at the whole flirting thing. He probably thought she was some desperate thirty-something looking for any little thrill she could get.

He’d be right, sadly.

Cradling the cup in both hands, she turned to find herself face to face with the biker dude. Or his chest, anyways. Wishing she’d worn higher heels, she looked up, her gaze colliding with the bluest set of eyes she’d ever seen. His warm, musky scent made her weak in the knees as she took in his angular jaw and the slight crows feet feathering the corners of his eyes. Black, curly hair stuck out over his neck underneath a colorful bandana tied around his head.

Definitely not a college student. 

The moment stretched on too long, and she knew she needed to say something, or move, or both. Then she frowned,  wondering why he hadn’t moved. Was that amusement lurking in those gorgeous eyes?

Suddenly Anna was plenty warm and her cheeks burned as she dropped her gaze and stepped to the side.

“Excuse me,” she murmured, hurrying out the door as fast as she could move. Not daring to look in the windows as she walked past, she mentally castigated herself for not being brave enough to at least talk to the man.

It had been a long, long time since she’d even gone out on a date, much less done anything more entertaining with a guy. Which would explain why she’d just stood there like an idiot instead of introducing herself. Maybe she could have found out why he’d started coming in at the same time, or why he drove past her office.

Or what he liked for breakfast.

Shaking her head at her pathetic desperation, she unlocked the door to her office and stepped inside, flipping the sign in the window to “Open”. She set her tea on her desk, flipping the lid off and extricating the bag before she hung up her jacket and sat down to boot up her computer. The secretary was out sick, and there were no meetings scheduled, so she anticipated a very productive day.

She’d just opened the books for a new client when the bells on the door rang, signaling a customer. Minimizing the program and curving her lips into a welcoming smile, she looked up, her smile faltering as the biker from the coffee shop walked in. 

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2 comments on “Serial Story: Fit to be Chai-ed, Ch. 1

  1. Heidi

    This is going to be a good one, darn it. Now I’m going to be itching every week to read it. You are tricky. 🙂

  2. Jamie D.

    It’s all part of my evil plan… 😉