Serial Story: Fit to be Chai-ed, Ch. 13

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Fit to be Chai-ed

Chapter 13

Erik walked slowly up the path to Anna’s door, checking his watch one more time. It was early, or it would be if he remembered the invitation correctly. He should have called, but he was afraid Anna would be embarrassed or try to let him off the hook.

A hook he’d decided he didn’t particularly want off of.

As he reached out to press the doorbell, the door opened. Wrapped in a conservative navy dress and matching pumps, Anna froze the second she saw him. He couldn’t quite decide if the expression on her face was shock, horror or both, but he merely smiled at her.

“I guess I’m right on time,” he said, taking the time to look her up and down. “You’re beautiful, Anna. Ready to go?” He held out his arm and waited, half-wishing he knew what was going on in that head of hers, and half-glad he didn’t.

“What are you doing here?” she asked, her brows drawn together. “When I didn’t hear…I mean, I thought since–”

“We had an agreement, right?” He moved closer, taking in the way her fingers tensed around the silver clutch she held. Leaning down closer to her face, he noted the hitch in her breathing, but she didn’t pull back.

“Honestly, I kind of thought we had a connection,” he said quietly. “I know you kind of got the worse end of this deal, but I’d still like to take you to your dinner, if you’ll let me. See where things go from there. Unless you’d rather go somewhere else…”

She shook her head, swallowing hard before she finally spoke.

“No, I need to attend, I’m just surprised to see you is all. I went to the hospital to thank you, and they said you’d left two days before and I didn’t hear from you…” The words came out in a jumble, and her cheeks turned a pretty shade of pink as she looked away.

It was the cutest thing Erik thought he’d ever seen. Women were usually throwing themselves at him, especially the bad-boy personal he often had to use. To see Anna all flustered and unsure of herself was a welcome boost to the ego.

Wishing he’d called earlier, he tucked a finger under her chin and turned her face back to his. “I’m sorry I didn’t call – I should have. I never considered you’d think I was going back on our deal, but I never even considered it. I’ve actually been looking forward to this all week.”

Before she could protest, he pressed his lips to hers, softly at first and then slightly harder when she didn’t object. She tentatively kissed him back, giving him a taste of what might be in store for him later. He slipped an arm around her waist and pulled her close but let go immediately when she cried out.

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