Serial Story: Fit to be Chai-ed, Ch. 3

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Fit to be Chai-ed

Chapter 3

Anna thought about that for a moment. What could this man possibly do for her? Feeling the heat rise in her cheeks, she mentally rolled her eyes.

Down, girl. He didn’t mean what you’re thinking.

Except when she looked in his eyes, she could swear that was exactly the implication he’d meant to give. Cruel man. Anna nearly sighed, wishing she was the kind of girl who could ask for exactly what she wanted. Her gaze drifted to a thick square envelope on her desk, and she smiled. Close enough.

“Okay, Detective,” she said, holding up the envelope. “I need a date next Saturday to this networking function for our local association that will be so boring they require formal attire. I’m fairly certain it’s so we’re all uncomfortable enough not to notice the boredom so much. You be my date for the evening, and I’ll allow you to use me as bait for a potentially dangerous serial killer. Fair enough?”

The biker-detective chuckled. “I think you’re getting the raw end of this deal, but I’ll take it. I’m not sure why you need a date though – I bet guys are falling all over themselves to talk to you at those things.”

Anna shrugged. “Hence the problem. Have you ever dated an accountant, detective?”

“It’s Erik,” he said with a wry smile. “And no, I don’t believe I have. This will be a first.”

She nodded. “Well I have. They’re – we’re – boring dates. The last thing I need is to get involved with someone as patentedly mundane as I already am. With you by my side, the accountants will leave me alone, and I won’t have to make any false promises about calling men I have no intention of calling, or give out wrong numbers. It’s a win-win, really.”

“So I’m a human cock-blocker.”

“Crudely put, but yes.”

He grinned, leaning forward far enough to make Anna scoot back a bit more. “How do you know I won’t make a play for you, Ms. James?”

She laughed, a nervous sound even to her own ears. “Did you miss the part where I said accountants are boring? You’ll be more than ready to get rid of me by the end of the evening. Trust me.”

He reached out to stroke the back of her hand with his index finger, the movement sending delicious and alarming signels through her body all at once as his knees bumped lightly against hers.

“Don’t be too sure about that, Anna. I’m not sure you could bore me if you tried.”

Anna had no idea what to say. Her cheeks burned as Det–Erik stood up and swaggered to the door. Damn. Even the man’s butt looked satisfied as it swayed in those well-worn jeans.

She shifted her focus upward as he turned back, embarrassed at the knowing grin on his face as he caught her checking him out. She really wanted to just crawl under her desk and pretend that none of this had ever happened, but she forced herself to meet his eye instead.

“I’ll see you in the morning,” he said with a wink, and then walked out, closing the door behind him.

It took a minute for his words to process, and then Anna slumped back in her chair, looking up at the ceiling.

“Good lord, what have I done?” she murmured. 

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