Serial Story: Fit to be Chai-ed, Ch. 6

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Fit to be Chai-ed

Chapter 6

Erik leaned against the window by Anna’s door, every muscle in his body wanting to pace, but that would look suspicious. Although perhaps no more than a rough-looking biker waiting by the door. He checked his watch again. It wasn’t quite eleven, but he’d been waiting half an hour already. He hadn’t been sure what Anna meant by “later”, so he’d been sure to show up early just in case.
Surveying the street again, he finally pushed away from the building and went to his bike. If she was at the coffee shop, she’d be in potential danger. If she showed up here, she’d just be annoyed that he wasn’t. Maybe.

Frowning, he peeled away from the curb and rode the few blocks to The Trusty Mug, parking half a block away. Killing the engine, he went to the door and pulled, but it was locked. Cupping one hand around his face at the window he peered inside, but the counter was empty.

If Anna had come back without him, Will could have snatched her. Cursing himself for not staying with her, he pulled his gun with one hand and his cell with the other. He notified dispatch and requested backup as he made his way to the back door and then pocketed the phone. Steadying the gun with both hands, he shot the lock and kicked in the door.

A shriek assaulted his eardrums as he burst into the back room to see Will braced on his forearms between the legs of a woman on her back on a large metal work table. Her hair was the same color as Anna’s, and her wrists were bound together over her head as her fingers gripped the edge of the table.

“Get away from her before I blow your head off.” Erik couldn’t remember the last time he’d wanted to pull the trigger so badly. He almost hoped Will – or whatever his name really was – would run. The kid would never reach the doorway to the front of the store before a bullet.

Will didn’t run. He backed away, slowly, and raised his hands.

“This isn’t what you think, Man. Kaily just came by for a little fun. She likes it when I tie her up. Tell him, babe.”

“He’s right.” The woman swung her arms overhead and sat up with her back to Erik, turning just enough to glare at him while protecting her modesty. Her eyes narrowed at the gun. “Put that thing away. I’m pretty sure what we were doing isn’t a crime, though it’s probably against policy. Are you going to tell his boss?”

Not Anna.

Erik struggled at the abrupt change, trying to make sense of the scene. The woman was clearly not in distress, though she did look thoroughly pissed off. He lowered the gun as Will lowered his hands, smirking.

“Hey, you’re that biker who came in for coffee. Anna ran into you the other morning.” He grinned. “I think she likes you. You should take her out.”

Erik heard a siren out front, and judging from the annoyed look on Will’s face, he heard it too.

“Aw, man…you called the cops? What the hell? I’m probably going to get fired now. Why are you here, anyway? And what’s with the gun?”

Erik held up one hand to stop the questions. There was no time. “Have you seen Anna since this morning? I really need to find her.”

Will shook his head. “Nah. She said she’d be back, but I haven’t seen her. I can tell her you’re looking though if she comes in.”

“Yeah, you do that.”

A shadow blocked the light behind him, and Erik turned to see two uniformed patrolmen watching him, guns drawn. He looked them in the eye, shaking his head slightly.

“Misunderstanding, officers. I jumped the gun. Sorry about that – there’s no problem here.” He wasn’t sure if his cover was blown or not, but he hadn’t identified himself as a cop, and hopefully they’d play along, just in case.

One officer looked past him, quirking an eyebrow at the half-naked, bound woman on the table. Erik just rolled his eyes and shrugged. After another long moment and an exchanged look, the radios on their belts squawked to life with a bunch of letters and numbers from the dispatcher. A dead body found across town, from what Erik could hear.

“If you say so,” the officer said. “We’ve got another call. Let’s go.” Erik nodded, then turned back to Will.

“Sorry if I scared you. You really should keep this kinky stuff at home.”

Kaily grinned over her shoulder, twisting enough to flash him a side of breast.

“Then it wouldn’t be kinky, now would it?”

Erik shook his head and walked out, closing the door on the laughter that followed him. Will would have to have his boss fix that lock.

If Anna hadn’t gone back for more tea, where would she have gone? He reached his bike and took out his cell to call the precinct. He’d check her office one more time, and if she wasn’t there, he’d check her house. One way or another, he needed to know she was okay.

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