Serial Story: Fit to be Chai-ed, Ch. 9

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Fit to be Chai-ed

Chapter 9

Hoping Erik could trace the call with the cell phone under the cushions of the dirty couch, Anna whimpered as the guy from the kiosk grabbed one arm and dragged her to her feet. She wasn’t sure how badly she was hurt, but it would be easier to list the parts of her that didn’t.

After she’d broken free of the barrel, the men had brought her inside and dumped her on the grungy piece of furniture while they moved into the next room. Twice she’d tried to get up and failed – her legs were shaking too badly. Then she’d noticed the phone on the big wooden spool clearly used as a table, and called Erik. Sometimes her knack for remembering numbers came in very handy.

Trying valiantly to remain upright now, she finally looked hard at the second man, her eyes widening.

“You really are the Chai Killer?”

Will rolled his eyes. “I really hate that nickname. I don’t kill people with tea. That would be stupid. I generally prefer to draw things out a bit, play for awhile. Kaily and John here help sometimes.” He twisted slightly, frowning over his shoulder.

“Kaily? Get in here or we’ll start without you!” He gave Anna an apologetic look. “You weren’t supposed to be a victim, for the record. Or not until I saw you getting all cozy with the cop, anyways.”

Anna swayed on her feet, holding to John’s arm like a lifeline. “So why then? If you’d just let me go, he would have moved on, and you could have…well, he would have moved on.” 

Will shrugged. “Let’s just say he was a little too close for comfort.”


Anna looked past Will to see a tall, lanky woman in a professional skirt and heels walk in, the clicks from her shoes echoing off the high metal walls. She stopped beside will, who put one arm around her waist and pulled her close.

“What do you mean?” he said, chuckling. “That cop was right on our tail. Until he saw yours, anyways.” They both laughed, and Anna glanced at John, who shook his head and started to move away. She held on tighter, but he pushed her off and she landed hard on the floor, crying out as her hip hit the concrete.

“What the hell, John?” Kaily knelt down and helped her sit up, brushing her hair off Anna’s face with one hand. “Don’t worry, honey. We’re not all animals,” she murmured, her fingers drifting down Anna’s neck to trace the vee of her ripped shirt.

Anna quivered, trying to process this new bit of information. It appeared that the men weren’t the only people interested in assaulting her body. Her fears were confirmed when Kaily’s long finger slipped over to caress the side of Anna’s breast.

Anna’s head spun. Light-headed, she let herself fall back to the floor, her eyes closed and her body slack.

“What did you do?” She heard Will’s voice, as if he was speaking through a tunnel.

“Nothing, I swear! I think she fainted,” Kaily said, disappointment in her tone. “They’re no fun to play with if they’re not awake. You guys get her clothes off, and put her on the couch. I’ll go get the smelling salts. And a few other things I thought might be fun.”

Hurry Erik, Anna thought just before she passed out. 

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