Serial Story: MacKenzie Saves the World, Episode 3I

This serial story is presented in draft (unedited) format. Each new installment will replace
the one before. If you get behind, email me and I’ll hook you up with the missing chapters!

“Fight Water with Fire” – Part 10

By the time MacKenzie got back to her room, she was pretty sure she could swing a shovel hard enough to knock Nurse Amy out cold. Unfortunately, she’d probably fall down afterward, but it was a price she was willing to pay if someone else could dig the hole.

Lucky for the far-too-cheerful nurse, they weren’t near any shovels. Or likely burial spots.
Kevin was waiting in the chair beside her bed and must have noticed Kenzie’s growing impatience with her caretaker. After he helped her into bed, he asked the nurse for water, and then when she got back, asked for a snack. She left quickly after her second trip, probably afraid he’d ask for something else.

“Thank you,” Kenzie said, sitting up and eating her jello-pack. “I swear, people that happy shouldn’t be allowed to mingle with the general population. For their own safety.”

Kevin shrugged. “I’m sure she’s just trying to help. Can you think of a gloomier place to work?”

Kenzie frowned, images of her drowned shop coming to mind. “An underwater comic shop.”

The comment earned an eyeroll from Kevin before he glanced at the clock on the wall.

“I’m going to find your doctor, see when we can break you out of this joint, okay? Hang tight.”

“Because I have so many other options?” she quipped as he headed out the door. The fogginess was abating, but her head hurt like crazy and she wanted to go home, wanted Josh, wanted everything to be just like it was twenty-four hours before.

No, scratch that. She closed her eyes and lay back on the bed, picturing that moment when Josh had kissed her. And then just after when he’d looked into her eyes and declared his intentions…she nearly sighed aloud just remembering.

That moment. That was the moment she wanted to start over at. She would have told Josh she was tired of fighting too. That she wanted to be with him, no matter what. That they’d figure everything out as they went along.

That she loved him, despite all the months they’d spent avoiding each other.

Kevin came back with the doctor and she swiped a tear from her cheek.

“Are you okay?” Kevin frowned, taking her hand. “Is the pain worse?”

She started to shake her head and then stopped. “No. It’s just been a really long day.” She blinked fast, and then looked up at the doctor. “Can I go home now?”

He nodded, consulting his tablet again. “I don’t see anything terribly worrisome on your scans, so yes, I think home would be a much better place for you. Keep it quiet, nothing too stimulating, and don’t think too hard for awhile, and you should be fine, okay?”

He turned to Kevin, eyebrows raised. “You’re going to stay with her for the next twenty-four hours, right?” 

Kevin looked away, but squeezed her hand. “I can’t…I’ve already missed a couple appointments today and I have somewhere I really need to be tonight. But I’ll make sure someone’s with her when I can’t be. She won’t be alone.”

“Fair enough.” The doctor held out a hand to shake Kevin’s, and then MacKenzie’s. “Come back in if your symptoms don’t get better in a week or so, okay?”

“Okay.” She waited until he left, and then turned to Kevin.

“Help me get dressed. I want to go see Josh.”

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One comment on “Serial Story: MacKenzie Saves the World, Episode 3I

  1. Ardee Eichelmann

    Okay, make me cry then leave me hanging for another week. Go ahead. Toy with my emotions, see if I care.

    Thank you for getting rid of Nurse Amy though. Geez Louise!