Sex on the Page: Sample “Hot” Scene

***If you are not 18, or are easily offended by graphic material, do not read further.***

Welcome to another post in our series about writing sex! This week we’re posting samples, and Carol posted a beautiful “mild” sex scene on Tuesday – if you haven’t read it, you really should go check it out. Today I’m sharing an excerpt from Tempest – needless to say, this sample is a bit warmer (though I suppose that depends on who’s reading…I don’t think it’s too spicy, in the grand scheme of things).

The purpose of this scene seems to be to relieve tension when the reader comes into it. My purpose in writing it though was to crank the tension between them up several notches, to acknowledge their growing need for each other, and shortly after (not shown) it serves to complicate their relationship further.

Jake chuckled, a low, throaty sound that vibrated through her neck as he kissed the spot just under her ear. “She’s right, Charlotte – we need this, and while I’d really like to take my time exploring this luscious body, that’s going to have to wait for later.” He loosened his grip, turned her to face him and carefully placed her arms around his neck. He leaned in, his gaze so full of heated passion that Charlie nearly melted right then and there.

When his lips met hers, she couldn’t stop the trembling that shimmered through her body. She hung on tightly as he nibbled at her mouth, barely registering his fingers at the waistband of her shorts. Then his hand was inside her panties, rough fingertips circling her sensitive bud as he pushed her shorts off her hips. He dipped one long finger into her wetness, then another, catching her cry in his mouth.

Charlie let her hands slide down over his broad chest, her fingers mapping the planes of his muscles all the way to the clasp of his pants. She opened them, nipping along his neckline as she reached inside, wrapping her hand around his cock. He was big, smooth, and oh-so-hard against her palm as she stroked him base to tip. She groaned as he slid his fingers out and lifted her up so she could wrap her legs around his waist. He carried her to the rock wall and leaned her gently against the face of the cliff. Holding her tightly with one arm he shoved his clothing out of the way with the other, entering her in one long, smooth thrust.

Charlie’s head dropped back, her body thrumming with the intensity of unexpected emotion. She felt his lips on her chest, moving up her collarbone and over her neck, on the tip of her chin. She lifted her head, eyes closed as she waited to feel his mouth against hers once more.

“Open your eyes, Charlotte,” he breathed, and she did, slowly, afraid of what she would see. He pulsed inside her as she met his gaze, shocked at the intensity staring back at her. “You’re mine, Charlotte – when this is over, everyone is safe and we’re off this damn mountain, it might take a while to get things sorted out. But I’ll come to you. Promise you’ll wait for me – that you’ll give whatever this is a chance.”

Charlie felt tears spilling slowly down her cheeks as he stilled, waiting. The request was so formal, and yet so primal. He was claiming her, marking her for his own, and instead of being insulted by it she found herself longing to belong to him. She wanted to believe that he wanted her, would still want her after all was said and done.

“I’m yours,” she whispered against his lips. He rewarded her with a crushing kiss and began to move within her, sending spirals of pleasure rushing through her body. Charlie let her eyes close again, giving herself over completely to the feel of his lips moving down her neck, his body locked tightly to hers. She felt whole, as some part of her she hadn’t even known was missing had been restored. Moving with him, she matched his movements as she gave herself over to passion.

Her body tightened as his thrusts came faster, more insistent. The tension wound stronger, exploding out from her core with a shocking intensity as she felt him come inside her. Then she was floating, all of the tension draining away as she collapsed in his arms. He hugged her against his chest, kissed her neck and then set her on her feet, making sure she could stand on her own before he turned away. He pulled his clothes together, then got her shorts, bending over and holding them for her to step in. Charlie’s eyes teared up at yet another display of tender caring from this normally detached macho man. She buttoned up, and he tugged her gently over to sit by the fire.

“I’ll go get Adrienne,” he said, his voice raw and husky. “We should get moving again soon.”

If you write sex scenes, what was the purpose of the last sex scene you wrote?

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6 comments on “Sex on the Page: Sample “Hot” Scene

  1. Brooklyn Ann

    Mmm…I remember that scene. 🙂

    The purpose of the last sex scene I wrote was to not only give the characters a chance to say goodbye but also to express the utter inevitability for them coming together despite all the reasons they shouldn’t.
    It was one of the most bittersweet things I’ve written.

  2. Jamie DeBree

    *sigh* I love bittersweet…and I hate it too, but, well…

    Looking forward to reading that scene eventually!

  3. Carol Buchanan

    Wow! If that’s not “hot,” I don’t know what is. It’s great! Clearly, Charlie is in the throes of an attraction she can’t control and gives in to Jake willingly, but with a little doubt in the back of her mind. At least there’s a doubt in my mind that it will turn out HEA. Good tension set up, Jamie! Well done!


  4. India Drummond

    One of the things I’ve learned in writing spicy scenes is that you don’t have to use graphic language to create a very hot moment.

    Fabulous scene, by the way. Woo!

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