New Year, New “Stuff” Coming…

Happy Monday (we’ll just pretend, okay? Fake it ’til you make it, and all that…)!

I spent most of New Year’s day and a small chunk of Friday evening finishing off the draft of Under His Wing (which I’m now positive needs a new title, so stay tuned on that). This past weekend I went through and did a light edit/spellcheck before sending it off to the editor. It’s supposed to be out later this month, but we’ll see what kind of edits it needs before we get too excited about that. I’m just glad to finally have it done – it’s the last draft I really wanted to finish by the end of the year, and I can live with getting it done a day late (we’ll just conveniently ignore the fact that it’s actually nearly two months late, shall we?).

I spent another good chunk of time this past weekend plotting out the stories I’ll serialize this year – though the way I’m serializing them is going to be a bit different. Rather than serializing them here on the blog, the serialized stories will be released in once monthly installments exclusively in my author newsletters. Yes, I realize this may not be optimal for some readers, but I think it will be a nice perk for subscribers, and I’m also hopeful that it will allow me to write faster and publish more work overall this year. I know it sounds counterintuitive, but last year, I was running four weekly serial stories at a time, which meant I always had four stories to work on every week. There wasn’t time to do the weekly installments and much of anything more on those drafts,  because I also had other projects going as well. Writing four serial stories (one for each of my alter-egos) that only require monthly installments will free me up to work on two to three other drafts at a time as they fit into my schedule, rather than around specific weekly deadlines. So I think it’s going to be a good thing all around.

The newsletters will all go out on the last Monday of each month, so you have until January 26th to sign up if you want to catch the first chapters. I will be saving each installment into a complete single file as we go along for new subscribers to download, so no one will miss anything by jumping in late. I’ll post a comprehensive set of links as we get closer to the deadlines.

As for Fridays on the blogs, they’ll now all become Excerpt Fridays, and will feature excerpts either from books already published, or drafts I’m currently working on.

In other news, I mentioned a Monthly Postcard Exchange in my resolutions last week, and I’ve set up a page on the site to explain the rules and minutia, so if you’re interested, pop over there to check out the details…

Let’s see…what else? The Talkin’ Books posts will resume right here this coming Wednesday, and this coming Saturday will be the first weekly writing & publishing centered post over at The Drafting Desk (soon to be renamed The Writer’s Desk).  Just in case you need something to procrastinate with. Those posts will deal with not only my writing schedule/progress/learning, but also the publishing/distribution/marketing side of things.

And finally, I’ll be setting up a page or two soon for my fourth alter-ego, J.M. DeBree, which is the name I’ll be publishing children’s fiction and sci-fi later this year. I’ll keep you posted on that – it should be online in the next couple of weeks.

So…quite a few things moving around for 2015, and I have a very intensive writing schedule planned, but it’s exciting and I’m optimistic that everything is going to go just swimmingly.

Questions so far? Leave me a note in the comments (wherever you’re reading this)…

Now I’m off to bed (it’s just after midnight on Monday), because one of my non-resolution goals this year is to get more sleep during the week. I’m hoping it will make work mornings easier. Can’t hurt to try, anyways.

Until next time…

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