Jumpin’ on (and off) the Bed

About three weeks ago, we bought a new mattress. We did that last year too, and it sucked all year long. That firm mattress never softened up, and caused us both some serious physical pain, which I suppose is what happens when you cheap out on such things. I honestly thought it would “break in” and get softer, but…no. We weren’t sleeping well, and as everyone knows, not sleeping well affects your entire day-to-day life.

So this year, we decided to get a *good* mattress. One that would be supportive but cozy for our side-sleeping ways. One that wouldn’t leave us with sore shoulders, hips, ribs, and twisted backs. We went to Denver Mattress, tried out a few, and took home the most expensive, coziest one we tried. We also ordered a new, medieval-looking bed frame just ’cause the hubby liked it better than the sleigh bed frame I picked out last year. It’s a good thing, too. Read on…

The new mattress was/is insanely heavy, and that along with the box spring is so thick I had to literally climb up onto it. The first two weeks on it were okay, because we had the old heated mattress pad on top, which is somewhat padded. But then the new bed frame came in, and I replaced the heated mattress pad with a new one (the old one was shot). A new one without actual padding. And then the pain set in.

The new mattress was still better than the old one, but once again, we weren’t sleeping well, and rather disillusioned with the whole thing (but also determined to get something cozy like the one we *thought* we’d gotten, we went back to the store and asked about an exchange. Because when you spend the kind of money we did on a mattress, you want something comfortable.

The sales guy/manager was very nice and sympathetic, but he did point out that we’d only had the mattress for two weeks, and that it takes at least a month to break them in. He said we could start the exchange process after 30 days if we still wanted to, but encouraged us to lay on the floor model of the mattress we’d purchased again, and pointed out that ours would feel like that too once it was broken in. It was still cozy, and the guy suggested we walk on our mattress to soften it up, and maybe think about a mattress pad. We had a thick mattress pad we’d used with the old mattress, so we agreed to try that. No one wants to move the mattress we bought again…

On the way home, we stopped to see about a thinner mattress pad, but of course the one we liked was sold out. So, new quilt set in hand, we headed home, walked on the mattress, and slept on it one more night before adding the old thick memory foam topper.

Which made the bed two inches higher yet. I literally have to step on the siderail to get into bed now. LOL

The good news is, unlike the last mattress, this new one feels seriously cushy with the topper on it, so I feel like that’s a good sign. We’ve slept great since putting that on, and as an added bonus, the bed is so high that any monsters underneath it will give up long before they can reach us. So there’s that.

And that’s why it’s good we got the new frame. It has a much taller headboard than the old frame, so it still looks fine with the monster bed. I think maybe it’s time the mirror that’s been over the bed since we moved in was replaced with a couple of nice foam battle axes. And we bought drinking horns to hang off each corner of the headboard. Because we’re creative like that.

I think in a couple weeks, after our thirty days are up, I may go see if we can get one of the thinner mattress pads and maybe we can lose an inch or two of height that way. It’s either that, or put up a bonefide chain mail canopy and embrace the rather amusing and somewhat ridiculous height of the bed we’ve got going on. Maybe get a nice wooden step stool too.

But for now, I’m just happy to have a soft, cozy bed finally. Now if my weekends would just settle down so I could have a proper sleep-in, for once (not until next Sunday, dammit). *sigh*

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