Variety News: July 12, 2021

On My Mind
I was reading about sleep again this past week, and how important it is to get six hours at the very minimum. There were also a few articles out about four day work weeks, and Iceland’s experience/experiments with that. The articles go hand-in-hand, methinks, because when I think about getting six hours of sleep a night, and also getting in all the exercise I need to stay physically healthy, and my work schedule, and eating healthy (which generally takes longer than eating unhealthily, at least if you want a varied diet)…I could literally spend every waking minute that I’m not at work trying to maintain my current level of health (not even getting healthier, just maintaining).

That includes very little housework too – mostly just eating, working out, general physical maintenance tasks (lotion, hydration, eye care, dental care, etc), and then cleaning the kitchen from making food all day.

A four-day work week (not four ten-hour days, but four eight-hour days) would leave us with so much more time to take care of ourselves, run necessary errands and have some extra time to just “relax”. Its no wonder that Iceland saw some serious benefits to that work schedule change – including happier, less-stressed workers.

We Americans put far too much strain on ourselves with this whole work-worship culture. It’s not healthy, and it’s not actually making us any richer, healthier or happier. So why on earth do we keep doing it this way? It’s stupid.

The Hydrangeas are blooming, and so is my big peace rose! Beautiful.

I have a bad habit of buying things like watermelon and letting them sit on the counter indefinitely. So last week when there was a huge watermelon in my way on the stove, and I asked myself where I should move it, my more sarcastic self came back with, “You could just cut it up and…you know…eat it.”

My sarcastic self is often smarter than my normal self. And she was right. So I cut it up, and we’ve been eating a lot of watermelon this week (even the dogs have gotten their share). It’s good! I should do that more often in the summer.

My Grandma was in town staying with my parents for a few weeks recently, and the hubby and I went over last Saturday to play Scrabble. I’ve been playing Scrabble with my mom and Grandma since I was old enough to spell. I never win, so I don’t even try – I just enjoy the mental challenge of trying to find spots to use letters.

Bling & Things
Every since I started growing my hair out, I’ve had some issues with buying hair stuff and earrings (as in, I do too much of both). Last week, I told myself I needed to slow it down. Limit it to once a month and a set budget.

Shortly after, I ordered several more pairs of earrings from my local Paparazzi dealer. *sigh* Needless to say, I need more practice at the whole self-discipline thing.

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