Variety News, June 28, 2021

On My Mind
I’ve been thinking about a couple of things lately – hair (still, yes, I know), and writing (which is nearly always on my mind in one sense or another).

Specifically regarding my hair, I’ve been thinking about how much more “me” I feel now that it’s getting longer than I ever did with the pixie cut. Which is apparently sacrilege considering the consensus from other people has been and still seems to be that I’m more attractive with the pixie cut/shorter hair, but regardless, I feel like…the longer hair is more representative of who I really “am” inside, if that makes sense.

I sort of get the disappointment from others – the shorter cuts make me (I’d almost say they do this for most people, honestly) look more outgoing and approachable, people will instinctively respond well to that. With longer hair, I look less outgoing and more reserved, which is more representative of my true nature. It’s difficult to explain, but I do/am noticing the difference in how people treat me initially (or just in a passing interaction). It’s a little odd, but I’m okay with it. And I do put my hair up (now that I can) when I need to be/be seen as that more outgoing person from the start. The difference now is, I can let it back down again. I have options, and that’s what I’ve been missing.

Check out the writing blog for my recent thoughts on that subject (linked below). It seems as though this summer is the “year of reversion/reclamation” for more than just my hair.

We may not be loving the heat, but our tomatoes sure are! I’m not actually sure how we’re going to find all the fruit in this jungle….

One of my weaknesses is Crumbl Cookies. They’re big, they’re yummy, they don’t contain high fructose corn syrup (so I can eat them without getting stuffy). Last week, they had two total winners – the Lemon Poppy Seed and the Dark Dream, which is basically a brownie in cookie form. If they come around again, I’d highly recommend getting one (or more) of each. They are…phenomenal.

I picked up my Nintendo Switch again this week, and played some Animal Crossing a few nights. Unfortunately, my eyes started bugging me again after the second night. *sigh* So that’s going to have to be a once or twice weekly thing at most, because I’m not going to ruin my eyesight for video games. I don’t know why it doesn’t bother me to play games on my phone, but it does on the switch (the switch screen is much bigger), but…it’s definitely different.

Speaking of mobile games…Bidoof is being spotlighted in Pokemon Go for a few days. And you can catch a shiny one, with a few moves it doesn’t normally have, like Shadow Ball and Hyper Beam.

Bidoof is basically a beaver. So the goal is to catch a shiny beaver that can throw Shadow Balls and Hyper Beams. If that doesn’t amuse you…well…it should. 😀

We’ve been watching old episodes of Jag lately, and it really is a great show, but it’s also really interesting to watch those older shows and notice not only how misogynistic the whole culture is, but how they are generally aware of it even as they perpetuate it. Even hubby’s been commenting on it, and it really underscores how far we’ve come from how things used to be. Things are always generally improving, and I think we forget that sometimes when we’re stressing over how bad they are now. They were worse, even just twenty years ago. It’s important to see and note the progress we’ve made, I think.

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