Of Menu Plans & Jury Duty

I spent a way-too-big chunk of my weekend trying to create a menu-plan. Why? To prevent so much food waste, and also to avoid wasting time trying to decide what to make for dinner when I need to actually be making it. Because good TV is back, and not much motivates me to get dinner done quickly like good TV starting at 7pm.

I know, I know. The life of a TV junkie.

In any case, I was not successful at creating a menu plan. I did, however, figure out why I have such a hard time with them, and part of it is, I don’t know specifically what I’m going to buy until I’m at the store, doing my weekly grocery shopping. It isn’t until then that I know whether beef or pork roast is the better buy, or if the fresh mushrooms look like they’re melting back into spores, or if the kale is yellow, but the asparagus actually looks great. No sale price will get me to buy beef that doesn’t have the right marbling (to my eye). You get the idea.

So, creating a menu plan ahead of time is pointless (and impossible), given the way I shop. I need to plan after I shop, which means I needed a different sort of app than what I was trying to use, so I spent a good chunk of Sunday setting that up…

What I’m basically saying is, I spent my whole weekend not doing stuff I needed to get done, in order to not-do something I thought I needed to do. And aside from a glucose curve for Lucy, some vacuuming and clean clothes to wear, this past weekend was a pretty huge disappointment. I hate it when that happens.

Today, of course, since it’s the least convenient time *ever* for me to take time off work, and because I have plans to leave town on Friday, I’ve been summoned to appear for Jury Duty. I normally like jury duty – I’ve served twice now, and both of the cases were interesting and I found the social interplay fascinating to watch, both in the courtroom and the jury room. I’m quite sure this trial would be no different.

However, the news helpfully pointed out tonight that the trial will be approximately 2 weeks long. Two. Weeks. Long. So if I get picked to sit on the jury, I’d have to cancel my Friday trip, and since I’m the only one who does what I do at work right now, I’d still have to keep things going at work while serving on the jury (no, work can’t/won’t ask me to, but I can’t just let everything fall to ruin because there’s no one else to pick up the slack right now – it would make things exponentially more difficult for me along with everyone else). It would basically boil down to some long days and missing out on the trip we’ve been planning for six months. Just a short trip, granted, but still….

So for the first time in my life, I’m hoping not to get picked to serve on a jury. And I feel bad about that, because it’s a civic duty I really usually have no problem fulfilling, even if it is a little inconvenient. Right now it’s just…a lot inconvenient, and it will be a nightmare two weeks (longer than that, actually, considering I’ll be that far behind with my projects) if I end up having to serve.

Menu planning and jury duty. Scintillating Monday discussion, eh? I do wish the caffeinated mints I just reordered were here. Sadistic people in the courts won’t let me bring my tea into the courtroom, and jury selection starts at 8:30am. Dang it.

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