On Love, Learning, & Motley Crue…

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Saturday late-nights are manicure nights for me. After the hubby’s in bed and the dogs have been out and in just one more time, my writing booth becomes a manicure table, and while I’m doing my nails, I either watch old TV series (streaming or DVD), or I catch up on the most recent episodes of my favorite CW shows online (ArrowThe Flash & The 100). The CW shows were back this past week, which made me crazy happy, but I got both seasons of Dark Angel for Christmas, so while those shows were on hiatus, I was happy as a clam re-watching Max and Logan (Michael Weatherly…good grief, that man is yummy in any role, and his voice, those eyes…*swoon*).

ANYways…without giving up spoilers, this past week’s episode of The 100 explored the theme that “love is weakness”. And if you’ve seen Dark Angel, you know that’s a central theme of that entire show as well…though it’s wider than love there…more like “connection/community” is weakness. I was thinking about that last night, about love specifically and whether it really was a weakness or not. An argument could be made for both sides, I think…love makes us dumb more often than not, and we’re willing to take all sorts of risks we normally wouldn’t when it’s either to support or protect someone we love. It’s also the ultimate distraction – when you love someone, they’re always on your mind in some capacity, and they tend to come to mind at the most inopportune times.

At the same time, just being around someone we love can make us calmer, and give us pleasant feelings even if we’re in a bad mood (brain chemistry is an amazing thing, isn’t it?). Sometimes it’s the only thing that keeps us going in extreme circumstances…whether we’re protecting the ones we love, trying to get back to them or just trying to recover from a personal tragedy of some sort. Often it’s the reason we fight instead of stand down.

In The 100 and Dark Angel, the heroines struggling with whether love is a weakness or not make different choices (or they have so far). And I predict that the final consequences will actually be quite similar for them both, but with something like this, it’s not really about how it ends. It’s about how life is lived in the moment that matters. Or moment to moment, rather. Personally, I think choosing love over solitude requires/develops the stronger fortitude, even if it does turn out to be the ultimate weakness in the end.

In other news, I got the edits and editorial comments back for Flame & Stone (formerly Under His Wing) this weekend, and I have to say, my editor’s comments just really turned on that proverbial lightbulb over my head this time. Total “duh” moment, but she saw what I couldn’t (that is what she’s there for), and apparently I asked exactly the right questions to cue her to give me exactly what I needed. I love it when that happens! It was really enlightening as far as my writing as a whole goes, and while I’m not excited to actually do the edits (because that’s work), I am really excited as to how it’s going to affect my work going forward (I hope).

Pair that with a few tough realizations I had while re-visiting my writing & business week for The Writer’s Desk, and man…it’s been a pretty mentally challenging week, but in a good way. I’ll never learn all I need to know about…anything, but sometimes just figuring out what to focus on learning first is the hardest part. It’s kind of a relief to have something concrete to focus on for awhile.

What does Motley Crue have to do with all of this? Absolutely nothing…except I’m pretty disappointed that I underestimated the demand for tickets to their final concert tour with Alice Cooper (also a favorite) this coming July. There are no good seats left, so hubby and I are out of luck, dang it. Not that we don’t have plenty of other ways to blow a couple hundred bucks, but still. It’s gonna be a great concert… *sigh*

In any case, we all need a little kickstart on a Monday, right? Motley Crue to the rescue!

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Excerpt Day & Audio Release: Jasmine Betrayal

JB_Audio_300Today I’m pleased to announce that Jasmine Betrayal, the third story in the BeauTEAful Summer series is now available in audiobook format! You can pick up your copy either on Amazon, Audible or iTunes, and it’s narrated by David C. Fisher, who narrated Deadly Chai as well. Today’s excerpt is from Jasmine Betrayal, of course…enjoy!

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Excerpt: Jasmine Betrayal

Resigned for the moment, Genevieve followed Max back out and past most of the doors at ground level until they reached the last, closest to where he’d parked the truck. They went inside and he locked the double-keyed deadbolt, pocketing the room key. Genevieve looked around.

There are probably bed bugs in that mattress,” she remarked, headed toward a door she assumed led to a bathroom. Poking her head in, she moved back just as quickly, wrinkling her nose. “I’m pretty sure the maid quit a long time ago too. Are you sure we can’t just get our money back and go somewhere the inanimate objects won’t try to kill us?”

Max sat down on the edge of the bed and swung his legs up, laying his head on a pillow and closing his eyes. “You really want to get our hostess out of bed again? Be my guest. And we won’t be here long. I’m pretty sure you’ll survive, which is the whole point. Come lay down and get some rest.” He patted the space beside him, and it finally dawned on her.

There’s only one bed.”

He cracked one eye open, regarding her with a look that said he thought she might have a screw loose.

You’re smart. This room was closest to the truck, and cheap. Get over it.” He closed his eyes again, letting a breath out long and slow as he relaxed into the comforter.

Just the sight of it made her itch.

The only other furniture in the room was a small square television stand with an equally square TV, and a pair of square wooden chairs with tan leather-look backs and seats that looked only slightly more comfortable than those in the office had. She glanced at the bed, and then at the chairs again, finally pulling one chair to face the other, and stretching out as well as she could between them.

You’re gonna have a kinked neck,” Max warned. “Not to mention serious back pain.”

She shot him a dirty look, but he hadn’t even opened his eyes. Bastard.

We’re not going to be here that long – your words.” She crossed her arms over her chest and scooted around to find a semi-comfortable spot as his breathing slowed, evening out.

She wasn’t sure how long she’d dozed, but at some point she twitched, jerking her head up and barely suppressing a cry of pain when the predicted kink in her neck materialized. Rubbing it with one hand, she looked over at Max, who had shifted onto his side.

The keys to the room and the truck – her truck – were lying on the bed beside him, apparently having worked their way out of his pocket.

She chewed her lower lip. Contrary to what both Max and the goons chasing her probably thought, she hadn’t been staying in her father’s old trailer. She couldn’t, not while she was sorting through his things, trying to make sense of his life. Instead, she’d subletted an apartment in Little Rock, and that’s where she’d been working on all the accounting and legal paperwork.

The deed was there too. It would be hard for anyone to track her down there, since the lease wasn’t actually in her name. If she could just get there, she could lay low, talk to a lawyer and figure out some way to get Jenkins off her back.

It would depend a lot on how sound Max was sleeping, and whether the stabbing pain in the center of her lower back was going to be a big issue or not.

Deciding a test was in order, she carefully pushed the chair her feet were resting on away a few inches, making a slight scraping sound on the low, industrial carpet. Standing up, she winced at the pain as her body protested. Hands on her hips, she leaned back, then forward, trying to stretch out the knot, but even though it loosened slightly, she knew it was going to be a long drive back to town.

If she could figure out which way that was.

Max still appeared to be sleeping and she studied his face for a moment. The hard, square jaw, thick black eyebrows and small, slightly crooked nose reminded her of a quintessential mobster. A pinstripe suit and fedora, and he could easily step back into the New York twenties without even attracting attention. His lips were full and oh-so-kissable, and for the second or third time since they’d met, she wondered what they would feel like against hers.

Doing her best to move naturally, she leaned over and grabbed the keys, one at a time so they didn’t jingle together. Two steps got her from the bed to the door, and she spent way too much time trying to quietly fit the key into the sticky deadbolt, and yet more precious seconds trying to coax the key to turn. Whoever had installed these locks sure wasn’t worried about safety, but since she wouldn’t be back, she saw no point in complaining.

Finally getting the door open, she left the room key hanging in the lock and carefully pulled it shut. Then she jogged around the corner to the truck, got behind the wheel and moved the seat forward.

Fired up the engine. Shifted into drive. Put her foot on the gas.

The passenger door opened and Max hopped in, his door closing forcefully as she pulled away from the building.

So,” he said, as if she hadn’t just tried to ditch him cold. “Where are we going?”

Want to read the rest? Get your copy of Jasmine Betrayal in digital and audio formats from these fine retailers:

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Excerpt Day: MacKenzie Saves the World

This week’s excerpt is from one of the most emotionally draining books I’ve ever written (yet). I love these two – even though I tortured them quite mercilessly…


Excerpt: MacKenzie Saves the World

Step away from the car, please,” she said in a loud, confident tone that carried across the lot. “I have pepper spray, and I’ll use it if I have to.”

A deep, familiar chuckle wafted toward her on the breeze as the figure straightened, holding both hands up in submission as he took a few steps away from the car and into the pool of light from a nearby streetlamp.

Easy there, tiger,” Josh said, his amused expression becoming clear as she drew closer. Letting her arms drop, she shook her head, stowing the pepper spray again.

Why are you here?” she asked, not entirely sure she wanted to know the answer. He dropped his hands and came closer.

Too close.

She started to step back, but he reached out, gently grasping her upper arms to hold her in place.

I tried to stay away,” he said, his tone serious. “And if you’re smart, you’ll tell me to leave you alone, though I’ll be perfectly honest – I’m not sure I can. There’s just something about you…” he raised one hand to caress the side of her face, his fingers trailing lightly down over the side of her neck.

She looked down at his chest, trying not to tremble at his touch. This was it. She had to choose whether to let him in and probably get hurt, or keep him out and do her best to forget that she had feelings for him.

Walking away was the smart thing to do. And she was nothing if not smart.

He coaxed her to look up with his hand, and she saw the same angst that must be in her eyes reflected in his.

This is a really bad idea,” she murmured. He gave her a slight nod.

I think we’ve established that pretty well at this point.” He waited another heartbeat, and then took a step back. “So we’re going to be smart then, right?” His hand slipped away from her skin, leaving her bereft of his warmth.

She could do this. She could get in her car, buy herself dinner and go home. Maybe she’d cry herself to sleep, but maybe not. They hadn’t even kissed, for crying out loud.

He nodded again at her silence and turned to walk away.

No,” she whispered, willing him to stop. But he didn’t, and an overwhelming sense of panic shot through her, made her take a step forward, and then another until she was running after him.

He turned at the sound of her footsteps and opened his arms, gathering her close as she reached him.

When his lips touched hers, it was quite possibly the most right thing she’d felt in a long, long time.

Want to read more? MacKenzie Saves the World is available now at all major online retailers, in ebook format:

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Talkin’ Books: January 14, 2015

Books Finished:

Kindle Books In Progress:
The Indie Author Power Pack
Best Man For Hire by Tawna Fenske

Print Books in Progress:
Invasive Species by Joseph Wallace

Comic Books:

I had last week’s post mostly written, and then never got time to post it (or rather, forgot when I did finally get time). Getting back in the swing of things is taking me a little while, but I’ll get it figured out.

Yes, I’m still working on Invasive Species, but I dare say it’ll go faster if my plan to get to bed earlier works well. I’m trying to get to sleep around midnight when possible, which means getting to bed around 11:30pm so I have time to read for half an hour or so before sleeping. Last week didn’t work so well for that, but this week’s been going better. Thank goodness for that, because the print TBR pile by my bed is getting a bit deep. I still have a Pendergast novel hanging out there (Preston & Child), and now I have a new Rollins book too (Tucker & Kane). I really need to kick up the pace! So much yummy fiction…

As for the Kindle, I’ve got the latest Tawna Fenske novel, Best Man For Hire going for lunch hours, and as usual, it’s hilarious and sexy. Good stuff…I skipped the last “for hire” book because it was centered on babies/childcare (I’m sure she still managed to make that hilarious, but just not my boat), but I’d recommend any of her books to anyone looking for a seriously good fictional time. She’ll make you laugh, no doubt about it! She’ll also make you late getting back for lunch if you don’t keep a careful eye on the clock…

The Indie Author Power Pack is a collection of three self-publishing/marketing guides that I’m forcing myself to work through because I really need to pay more attention to the promotional part of publishing. It’s not available as a collection any longer, but the individual books are available and listed on the Amazon page linked above. I’m currently reading the first book, “Write, Publish, Repeat”, and I think you can really just skip everything in the first couple chapters before you finally get to the “meat” of the book (stuff that actually might be useful). The main narrator is pretty long-winded, but he’s amusing at times. He works with two other authors that are mentioned frequently, and I’m fairly certain that were I in a room with all three, Dave (I can’t remember his last name just now) would be my favorite. He seems like the practical one.

Some of it’s pretty common sense stuff, other parts I’ve heard before, but the narrator’s long-winded nature occasionally comes in handy for adding clarity. I’ll be working on this one for awhile – it’s my workout book, so it gets 20 minutes of my time in the evenings…when there’s nothing good on TV, anyway.

So…not much, but plenty, for sure. I have a stack of comic books to catch up on, and since I have a long weekend coming up, I hope to do that then. There have also been some nice freebies out there lately that I snapped up, so no shortage of reading material around here…which is just as it should be.

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Excerpt Day: Sleep With Me

Today’s excerpt takes place at a tropical resort, where the weather is exactly the opposite of our weather here in Montana today (18 inches of snow on the ground and cold, thank you very much). Enjoy!


Sleep With Me (excerpt)

“Wine me, dine me, shag me…then leave. That’s the deal.”

Katherine knew she should smile or maybe flip her hair and bat her eyes, but the man she’d approached at the bar looked experienced enough to know what she was asking for. Voices murmured around them as she waited for the answer.

“Shag you?” he repeated, the corners of his lips curving up. “Does anyone actually say that anymore?”

She rolled her eyes. “It’s better than the alternative. Are you in or not? Because I have a prescription to fill and I need to find a guy to fill it by tomorrow.”

The man chuckled. “You have a prescription for sex? And any guy will do? Then why me?”

“Well…I find you physically attractive,” Katherine said with a shrug. “And you also look like the kind of guy who doesn’t mind a one-night stand, which is basically what we’re discussing. I don’t want an attachment, I don’t need to find true love, and I don’t need a guy who wants my number. I just want drinks, dinner and sex. Then we go our separate ways. But apparently I misjudged you, so I apologize for interrupting your evening.”

She turned away, scanning the room for any other potentially suitable candidates. Who would have thought this assignment would be so difficult? Candace was so going to pay when she got home. Take a vacation, she’d said. Get laid. Nothing like a good orgasm to take care of that whole not-sleeping issue.

Right. Katherine wondered when her friend-slash-therapist had tried to get laid last. After being mistaken for a call girl twice and now turned down for…well, she wasn’t exactly sure why she’d been rejected this last time…she was about ready to go back to her little bungalow on the beach and stay there for the rest of the week.

A jolt of awareness shot up her arm as warm fingers closed around her left wrist. Instinctively she pulled away, but her captor wouldn’t let go. She looked down into her most recent target’s amused emerald eyes.

“Hang on a sec,” he said, finally releasing her wrist. “I didn’t say I wouldn’t do it, I just wanted to know why me. When were you thinking this little date would occur? And why drinking and dinner first, if all you want is sex?”

Katherine was all too aware that it had gotten quiet in the bar. Apparently their little conversation was garnering a lot of attention – something she really didn’t want.

“You know what?” She moved a step back from the bar, keeping her wrists out of reach. “Forget it. It was a stupid idea. I’ll…um…see you around. Or not. A girl can hope.” She walked as quickly as she could while maintaining a cool facade to the front door and pushed out into the humid island evening. Slipping her shoes off, she hooked the straps with a finger and set off towards the beach.

She’d barely begun to feel the sand between her toes when her mystery man ran up beside her.

“Giving up so easily?” he asked, keeping pace as she kept walking. “Or just looking for a new pool to choose from?”

She rolled her eyes, doing her best to ignore the distinctly male scent that was far too enticing. “Why do you care? You made it pretty clear you were more amused than interested, so just forget I said anything. I withdraw the proposal. Leave me alone.”

He chuckled, the warm sound sending an unwelcome tingle up her spine. “But then I wouldn’t get to see the guy who finally agrees to…ah…fill your prescription. Who’s your doctor, anyways? I think I could use a prescription like that.”

Katherine stopped, letting out a long sigh as she watched the huge sun slip far too quickly below the horizon. She turned to the man beside her and frowned.

“What is your name?” she asked, irritated that she didn’t already know.

He grinned, holding out his hand. “David Patton. And you are?”

“Katherine Gibson. Nice to meet you,” she said automatically, reaching out to grasp his palm. She barely suppressing a gasp of awareness when her skin contacted his, and yanked her hand back before she could stop herself. The lights from the waterfront bars cast a dark orange glow over everything, but she could still see his amusement in the dim light.

“Listen David. You’ve had your fun, I’ve embarrassed myself and I don’t know about you, but I’m tired. So I’m going back to my hut now. Alone. You have a good evening.”

She brushed by him and continued on her way, hoping her burning cheeks had been mostly shadowed. Half-expecting him to show up at her side again, she was inexplicably annoyed when he didn’t.

“Hey Kat!”

She cringed at the nickname she’d hated since grade school and kept walking.

“Meet me here tomorrow night at six,” David called out. It was a statement, not a question, but that didn’t surprise her from a guy like that. She considered it for a second before she yelled over her shoulder to him.

“Sorry, I’m busy. Thanks anyways though.” With a small, hopefully dismissive wave she continued on down the beach to the hut she’d rented.

Once inside, she flopped down on the bed and wished she hadn’t paid up front. The whole vacation had been Candace’s idea, and her friend had pushed for the non-refundable advance payment option. Probably because she knew Katherine would be ready to leave after the first night.

Rolling over, she picked up the phone and dialed room service, ordering dinner for delivery. Maybe tomorrow she could find a tour to take or something interesting.

Something that didn’t involve men.

Want to read more? Sleep With Me is available now at all major online retailers, in print and ebook format:

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Talkin’ Books: December 10, 2014

Books Finished:
No Promises Required by Cari Quinn

Kindle Books In Progress:
Tatterdemon by Steve Vernon

Print Books in Progress:
Invasive Species by Joseph Wallace
Johnny the Homicidal Maniac: Director’s Cut

Comic Books:
None 🙁

This will be super-short this week…mostly because I’ve done very little reading. *sigh* It’s sad, really, though I did get a few chapters deeper in Invasive Species, but that’s about it. Lunch hours have been hectic, and so have my late nights, unfortunately. Don’t even get me started on the weekend, Christmas decorating and the dishwasher debacle…

No Promises Required was good…though I’d expect nothing less from Cari. Light BDSM references, but nothing that should make the casual reader cringe *too* much, I don’t think. Definitely worth the read, IMO.

Here’s hoping I can find more time this week, eh? A reader who doesn’t read is…well…a very sad reader. And I have comic books waiting! Sheesh.

What are you reading? Anything interesting?

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Talkin’ Books: December 3, 2014

Books Finished:
One in a Million by Jill Shalvis

Kindle Books In Progress:
No Promises Required by Cari Quinn

Print Books in Progress:
Invasive Species by Joseph Wallace
Johnny the Homicidal Maniac: Director’s Cut

Comic Books:
None 🙁

Not much to report last week, so I skipped, and this week…well, the same, really. I feel like I need a good few days free for a reading binge, but I don’t see that happening soon. Bummer.

One in a Million was awesome, as are all the Lucky Harbor books, of course. I can’t remember if I have one left, or if this was the last one, but I’ll figure it out next payday. 😉

Invasive Species is pretty darn freaky. And I’m glad I didn’t read it this summer. Though I did vacuum up a bunch of wasp corpses this past weekend, which kind of gave me the heebie-jeebies in light of the book, which I’m about half-through with. Ugh. *shiver*

No Promises Required is good so far…but I always like Cari’s books. If you like a little light kink with your romance, she’s one of the best go-to writers, and I believe she has a new book out just recently as well.

And I need a nice day to open the Harley Quinn Annual comic. Because it’s poly-sealed. And supposedly stinky. The comic shop guy mentioned pot. I bought too copies, naturally. 😉

One to save sealed, of course. Sheesh. *shakes head*

And that’s pretty much it, I’m sorry to say. But who knows? Maybe this will be my lucky week, television going to the reruns again and all…

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Talkin’ Books: November 19, 2014

Books Finished:
Moon Shine by Vivian Arend

Kindle Books In Progress:
One in a Million by Jill Shalvis
Tatterdemon by Steve Vernon

Print Books in Progress:
Invasive Species by Joseph Wallace
Johnny the Homicidal Maniac: Director’s Cut

Comic Books:
Harley Quinn #11

It’s been a good week for books/reading. As I mentioned last week, I finished the 11th issue of Harley Quinn after I finished writing/scheduling that post, and it was…interesting, what with Power Girl in the mix. I’m not sure I like her, but we’ll see. And then there’s the new guy, fresh out of prison. Harley seems to like him…

I also promised to let you know if I found the creepy in Invasive Species. Boy did I! If you read this blog regularly, you know we had an issue with paper wasps this summer, and I was stung several times. Those insects made life…interesting for three months, and I’m glad they’re most certainly frozen now. This book though…oh yes. This book brings back memories and then magnifies them times ten, and I’m not even a quarter done yet. Should be a freaky ride!

No freakier than Johnny the Homicidal Maniac though, of course. Read a couple more of those stories, and I just want to give the kid a scritch behind the ears. As you do, with pets…

As you can see, I then took a bit of a break from the freak-fest and indulged in the last Takhini Wolves series by Vivian Arend, Moon Shine. I actually had myself a little mini-binge last Friday night when the hubby had to work late, and read the whole thing before I went to bed. I’m sure it surprises no one to learn that when it comes to paranormal tropes, I’m a werewolf girl, and I always enjoy Vivian’s books. Never read one I didn’t, actually. And this one was just as excellent and emotionally charged as the rest. With a bonus bear-shifter included.

I also splurged on One in a Million, the last Lucky Harbor novel by Jill Shalvis, which was a major mistake, productivity wise, but man, I’m loving every word. So sweet and funny and heart-wrenching all at the same time… *sigh* I’m sad this is the last Lucky Harbor book, but she’s got more Animal Magnetism books coming out, and I enjoy those too. As long as she keeps writing, I’ll be a happy camper. And a less productive writer, but whatever. Writer’s gotta read…

So, like I said, good reading week. Hubby’s got a poker game this Friday night, so I’ll be on my own then as well. Maybe I’ll mainline Invasive Species while he’s gone…

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Serial Story: MacKenzie Saves the World, Part 30 (Final)

This serial story is presented in draft (unedited) format. Each new installment will replace
the one before. If you get behind, email me and I’ll hook you up with the missing chapters!


MacKenzie Saves the World
Part 30

The next morning MacKenzie stretched, trying to remember why her muscles were so sore, and how her bed had gotten so soft. Her hands and feet both hit barriers before she opened her eyes and recognized Josh’s living room.

And the man himself, fast asleep in his chair across from where she lay on his couch.

She smiled at how peaceful he looked. The past month had been so busy, but they’d made time for each other and she’d gotten to know him – not just what he liked and how he thought though they’d certainly spent plenty of time talking about…everything, but she knew his expressions, his habits, every line and crease on his face. And everything she knew about him just made him that much more dear to her. She couldn’t imagine life without this amazing, resilient man.

Careful to be quiet, she moved the blanket aside and stood, unable to resist just one more stretch up high overhead. When her heels finally touched down and she looked over at Josh, he was looking at her, something in his eyes that she couldn’t quite decipher.

“You’re beautiful,” he said, setting his own blanket aside. She rolled her eyes at him as he rose and came toward her.

“My hair’s a mess, this dress is trashed, and I’m sure my makeup’s all over my face. But thank you.”

He leaned down for a kiss and she met him half-way, surprised when he released her quickly.

“Everything okay?”

He nodded, reaching into his pocket. “Better than okay.” He pointed to the ottoman. “Can you sit down for a minute?”

Kenzie sat, her stomach flipping in anticipation. And when he knelt in front of her, she could barely focus for the pounding in her chest. He held out a small black box, still closed on the palm of one hand, and grasped her hand with the other.

“You know I love you, MacKenzie. And I can’t imagine my life without you. Will you marry me? Please?”

She couldn’t have held back a wide smile if she’d tried.

“Of course I’ll marry you. I love you so much.” She threw her arms around his neck and kissed him, throwing them both off balance. When they were both laughing on the floor, he rolled to his side and held up the box, a teasing glint in his eye.

“Do you want to see your ring now?” The way he said it, the look on his face made her curious.

“Absolutely.” She reached for the box, but he pulled it back out of reach. Laughing, he opened it where she couldn’t see it, and then slowly lowered it down to eye level.

Kenzie looked at the dark, almost black titanium band inlaid with two lighter bands top and bottom. A pink oval diamond was set deep in the center, the top flush with the band so it wouldn’t get caught on things. She stared for a long moment, not sure whether to laugh or cry as Josh took it out of the box and slid it on the ring finger of her left hand. she wiggled her finger, watching the light flash through the stone.

“I can’t believe it,” she breathed, unable to take her eyes off it. “You had Charade’s ring made. How did you do it?”

Josh reached for her hand, bringing it to his lips for a kiss.

“I had Kevin get me your sketches, and took them to a jeweler I know. One of his designers made it happen. You like it?”

MacKenzie shook her head. “No, I love it. You are amazing.” She pulled him down for a kiss, needing him close.

“Superhero amazing?” he murmured against her lips, rubbing his nose against hers. She giggled.

“My own personal superhero, without a doubt.”

The End

Thanks for reading – I hope you enjoyed MacKenzie’s story! The edited, final version will be out in print and ebook on November 14th.

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Talkin’ Books: August 6, 2014

Books Finished:
Kindle Books In Progress:
Print Books in Progress:

Comic Books:

No, I didn’t get any comic books read this week either, dang it. I’ve been in a focus, focus, focus mood lately, and while that means I have actually gone to bed earlier a few nights to read more on Innocent Blood (awesome, excellent, fabulous, etc), I haven’t managed to get any comic books read.

I did, however, get to the comic book store, so I have the latest Sandman Overture, two Harley Quinns and a few Batman Eternals staring longingly from the magazine rack. Soon, my pretties. Soon.

I kind of got sidetracked last week when Jill Shalvis announced a special of three of her earlier books in one – the Red, White & Blue collection you see up there (not linked, because it’s not available anymore, though the individual Firefighter collection books are). One of my favorite authors, I sort of dropped everything to start reading that, and I’m working on the first novel now. After that, I’ll get back to Death, The Devil & the Goldfish, because…well, just because. It’s funny, and woman cannot live on romance alone (though we sure like to try at times).

I’ve taken on yet another huge housekeeping/organizational project that will keep me busy for the next few weeks, and our county fair starts this weekend, and there’s an exhibit at the art museum that I want to see that’s leaving in just a few weeks, so lots going on. But never too much for reading, and once I get the new project done, I think I’ll have a better spot for my comic book reading too. It’s gonna be really fun. Pics when it’s done.

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