Variety News, June 14, 2021

On My Mind
It’s been a very weird week. Seems like everyday, something odd happened, either out of order, or out of place, or something that threw me off my game. I had one ultra-productive day wherein I followed my list, got nearly everything on it done, and felt really good when it was all over.


I want more of those days. More days when I get up, get busy, and random stuff doesn’t happen to derail my whole plan. I know it’s not practical to expect because “life is change”, but that’s what would really make me happy long-term. Maybe this week I can get two really productive days? One can only hope.

Last weekend, hubby filled the second raised bed in the backyard, and I went to my mom’s to pick up strawberry and cucumber plants, and to my sister’s to dig some rhubarb plants she didn’t want anymore. Planted them all up, and they’re already growing! It looks like we’ll have some strawberries already this year – yum! We have baby cherry tomatoes too. I don’t love the heat, but our tomato plants sure do.

I splurged on a small pack of fresh sugar-snap peas last week, and you know what? They really are the perfect snack. Sweet and crunchy, I grab one nearly every time I open the fridge (so no, there aren’t any left for salads). They go perfectly with carrot slices.

No, I’m not being sarcastic. Try it. Get a bowl of sugar snap peas and carrot slices, and see if that doesn’t completely hit the spot on a hot summer day. Bliss!

Bling & Things
I got a great pair of earrings this week. They’re made of a dark, African hardwood, with abalone inlays shaped like question marks (pics on my Instagram feed). They’re big and bold and on the day I wore them, I really needed a pick-me-up, and all day I was just happy seeing those earrings dangling by my neck. It’s amazing how a good piece of jewelry can make your whole day better.

Post Round-Up (news on other things in my sphere)
The Writer’s Desk – My notes on writing and progress reports (last updated Sat, 6/12/21)

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