Stamps, Focus, & Accountability

I miss my stamp collection. Just thought I’d throw that out into the “void”, so to speak. I haven’t had time to work on it in the last few years, and I miss it. I miss getting random stamps “on approval” that I can look through and either send payment for, or send the stamps back. I miss going through my albums and organizing stamps and first day covers, and learning about the postal history for each.

This seems like a problem I should be able to fix, but I’ve said that before about other things I’d like to do more of, and I never seem to figure it out. I always feel like I should be able to rearrange my time so I can fit in more of the “fun stuff” I want to do, but it never seems to work out. Or I never seem to be able to work it out, rather.

It’s all about priorities, I know, even though I hate that reality more than I can tell you (and I hate it when other people spout it back at me even more). It’s also about scheduling, and between making my dogs and health and writing priorities, and having to keep my weekends flexible (because my husband is a spontaneous sort, rather than routine-driven like I am), I just can’t seem to get what time I do have organized for better flow.

And there’s also the little issue of my lack of multi-tasking abilities. I can’t watch TV and read a comic book (now that there are no commercials in the majority of what we watch). I can’t focus on looking at/cataloging stamps in that environment either. Heck, I can’t even follow a knit or crochet pattern while watching a commercial-less show, because I can’t focus on both the pattern and the show at the same time. With commercial breaks, I can switch focus for a few minutes here and there and not miss anything. Without them, I can focus either on the show, or whatever else I want to be doing. I can’t do both (and I don’t necessarily see that as a bad thing – being able to focus on one thing and really take it in is good, IMO). If it’s a show or movie I’ve seen before, that’s one thing, but something new? No way.

Basically, I need either a show I’ve seen before (or sports, but we don’t watch much of that), or quiet time to indulge in any of these activities. Two things that are rather hard to come by on a day-to-day basis, sadly. And before you say “less TV”, I watch about two hours per night, sometimes less. Half hour while we’re eating, an hour when we both finally settle in after dog exercise & workouts, and half-hour for the news. Not like I can do anything while I’m eating, either.

It kind of sucks. But, as much as it may sound like it, I haven’t given up yet on figuring out how to make time for the things I love. One of these days, I’ll hit on the “magic formula” (or be old enough to retire – still a long ways off), and life will be good. Or richer, anyways.

Regardless, I will get the new Scooby Doo stamps soon. Because Scooby. Seriously!

Which reminds me – I have new issues of the Scooby Apocalypse comics waiting to be read at home.

Ooo…all this whining has given me an idea. Sometimes whining can be productive, if you focus on it hard enough. It’s early in the week, so if my idea works, I’ll report back next week. If not, we’ll just forget I ever had it. Deal?

On a somewhat unrelated note, for accountability’s sake, I’ll be posting my resolution progress (or lack thereof) at the bottom of each post here until the end of the year, and also a link to my writing-focused blog for anyone who cares to see how that’s going from week to week. It’s mostly for my own edification, to push myself to keep my goals forefront in my head, and to keep up with the writing blog too. Because posting in public is motivating. Even if the audience is small.

Now, back to catching up on my budget (or rather, starting over, because it’s a mess). Having money won’t do me any good if I can’t manage it well, right?

*Note to self: buy lotto ticket tonight. And one for my hubby, who is 54 yrs old as of today and would like to retire soon!

Resolution Check-In
Sleep 6 hrs: Missed it by at least 10 minutes every night last week. Dammit.
1 push-up per day: Missed one day, did at least one all other days. Highest daily count: 8.
Goals check-up: Completed Mon. night, adjusted some goals to fit current routines/desires.

Writer’s notes for this week

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On…Random Stuff

Monday was rough. Part of it was me not being properly prepared because I didn’t use my weekend wisely (take this post, for example…). Part of it was just me being an idiot (the last couple hours of the workday, mostly). All in all, it added up to a day I’d rather just forget, though parts of it are going to spill over into Tuesday by necessity. But my Tuesdays generally suck, so no big surprise there. I expect them to be bad, so I go into Tuesday pretty much resigned to the fact that whatever’s going to happen, will, and surviving the day is all I can really reasonably ask of myself.

A couple of groovy things that happened this weekend:

I turned the heel on the sock I’m knitting and started decreasing the gusset


I got a bunch of fun stamps from the Monthly Postcard Exchange


A third groovy thing for the week: Saturday is Free Comic Book Day!

Now, I’m off to bed because it’s past my bedtime yet again, and I’m gonna need my wits about me tomorrow…

Here’s hoping your week’s off to a much better start than mine!

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On Holiday Stuff, TV, & Stamps…

This coming Thursday is Thanksgiving here in the states, though I don’t think it’s really sunk in just yet. We’re not doing much, just going to my brother-in-law’s for dinner. If all goes well, it’ll probably be boring, to be honest. But he’s a bachelor who doesn’t cook much, and hasn’t ever cooked a turkey, so there’s definite funny-story potential there.

My only real plans for the rest of that day are to sleep in, make a nice egg & sausage brunch for hubby and myself, and probably work on crocheted Christmas gifts most of the day. Should be very relaxing, I think. I have a bunch of comic books that need to be put in albums for storage too…

Speaking of Christmas, hubby and I were actually in the mood to shop this past Saturday, so we braved the weekend crowds and got nearly all of our Christmas shopping done. Now I just need to finish up the crocheted items I’m making, and we’ll make a trip to the wine store and the candy store a little closer to Christmas, and we’ll be all set. I’m hoping to get the crocheted gifts done this week, so I can make some gift bags as well, but we’ll see. I do tend to over-reach a bit in the goals department, but we have plenty of gift bags if I don’t get them done, so it’s not a do-or-die type thing.

Dang it, that reminds me. I forgot to tell Mom I’d love a small tin of butter cookies for Christmas. I love those things, and hardly ever get them. A small tin would last me a long time. Must put that on my list!

Most of Sunday was spent on my butt in front of the TV catching up on some of the shows we missed last week, which would have been far more productive had I grabbed some yarn and a crochet hook. Instead, I decided to try to write this post, and considering I’ve deleted the whole thing twice and it’s now a quarter to one on Monday morning, you can guess how well that went. I don’t even know why I try…although now that I think about it, that’s not entirely true. I try because I think it’ll be more efficient, and give me more time later. But that never works – I need quiet and focus to think and write, and I can’t ever get that while I’m sitting in front of the TV.

TV and crochet (or knitting), however, go together like caramel vodka & apple cider. And I would have been that much closer to having my Christmas gifts done (and it would have been a nice break from the small screen, too). Ah well. We all make stupid decisions occasionally, eh?

We also went to a play this weekend – a local production called “Mauritius” that one of my co-workers was acting in. It was a lot of fun, and had a stamp collecting theme which is, of course, right up my alley. I’m not a terribly new collector, but aside from the inverted Jenny (which I’m slightly obsessed with finding one of the new upright errors), I wasn’t really “up” on the high-dollar/priceless stamp lore. So it was really interesting from that standpoint, as I learned about the Mauritius “Post Office” errors, and promptly looked them up online in Denny’s after the play when we stopped for dinner.

I haven’t had a lot of time to do anything with my stamp collection in the past couple of years, and I think it’s time I remedied that. I have a bunch of stamps to go through, catalog & put in albums, and it would be fun to set aside some time each week just to do that. Sunday nights might be perfect, now that I think about it.

So…lots going on lately, but in a good way. This week I’m working every day except Thursday, and I’m kind of looking forward to Weds & Fri being slow days at work so I can get caught up on a couple of projects I have going. The beauty of working around major holidays is that most everyone else takes vacation days. Quiet, uninterrupted work time is a rare and precious thing…

To all my US peeps, Happy Thanksgiving, and to the rest of you, have a great week!

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