Vanity (Chair) Found

So. I bought another chair last week. I know, I know. But much like the rocking chair (which I’m still completely in love with, by the

The new vanity chair.

way), this was a very special case, and I got a really good deal on it. Considering chairs like this in good shape sell for hundreds of dollars, and I got mine for $28, I’m pretty happy with the purchase.

It’s not just an ordinary chair though – it’s a vanity chair, or vanity stool, if you will. For those not in the know, a vanity set or dressing table is a table with a mirror and a small chair, bench or stool where one sits to put on makeup and jewelry and do hair, etc.

I suppose a lot of women probably do those things in the bathroom these days, but I share a bathroom with my husband, and he’s generally showering when I’m doing my makeup, so my vanity set gets daily use. With my poor eyesight and the need to have my glasses off when putting moisturizer and makeup on, it’s easier not to have to lean over the bathroom counter to get closer to the mirror anyways (and the bright bathroom lights are counter-productive with my sensitive eyes) – so I use the dressing table even when the bathroom is free, and even when I’m just putting on moisturizer without makeup or whatever. I keep my deodorant there too, and if I wore perfume, it would be there as well.

Excuse the mess, please…I do use this every day!

The vanity set I have now was a hand-off from my sister, who decided she didn’t want it anymore years and years ago. I’m not overly fond of it (aside from it’s very handy functionality) – I tend to prefer darker woods to light, and more of an antique look than the modern. But, this was free, they aren’t generally cheap, and I’m not terribly picky when it comes to functional stuff. This one also fits nicely in the small space I have available for it.

But I’ve always wanted a nice, dark wood vanity with a huge mirror and several drawers on each side. Someday, I’ll come across just the perfect one at a reasonable price, and I can almost guarantee that even if by some miracle the mirror is still intact, the one thing it won’t have is…a chair/stool. It’s pretty rare that I see an antique vanity with a chair or stool – most have been lost to time along the way. And vanity chairs are…well, considered a “luxury”, and they’re priced accordingly.

So when I saw the red chair sitting on the sidewalk in front of the thrift shop just around the corner from my favorite pizza place last week (yes, I was getting pizza – it was a Thursday), I went right in and asked how much. The condition of the upholstery isn’t great, so I went home and thought about it. The frayed out fabric spoke to me, gave me a semi-creepy plot point that may or may not turn into…something, eventually.

I went back to the thrift shop on my lunch break and bought it.

I’ll probably need to make or get a cover for it at some point – either that, or have it re-upholstered. But for now, I’m going to enjoy it as it is, maybe as a seat to go in front of my sewing machine (should I ever get that put back together), or even a fancy footstool for the bookshelves in my office.

Someday though, hopefully it will fulfill its destiny as a vanity chair again, in front of a gorgeous dark dressing table with a huge mirror and generous drawers. Time will tell, I suppose. A friend and I are going to a flea market at an antique mall this coming Saturday…