Variety News – July 5, 2021

On My Mind
I’ve been thinking a lot lately about patience. Mostly how I have so much less now than I used to. I don’t think that’s a good thing, and I think it would benefit me greatly to cultivate that again…I’m not sure what to call it. Life skill? Talent? Virtue?

Whatever you want to call it, life is a much happier, less stressful place when I’m content to live in the moment, and wait for what will eventually come. It goes hand-in-hand with impulse control, which is something else I really need to reign in again, specifically when it comes to spending. *sigh*

What am I so impatient about? Mostly being able to write full-time, and my hair (both the color and the length). But reigning in the little things – the impulse purchases, etc are equally important to get under control. So both daily things, and long-term goals. Fortunately, I have a plan for each of them that should help me re-focus my perspective on the journey, rather than the endgame. I think that will be very beneficial overall, from a mental health perspective.

Look! We have a couple of ripe cherry tomatoes! Let the Season of Tomatoes with Everything begin!

We’re watching the final season of Bosch on Amazon. Anyone else watching? The acting seems…well, not as good as it should be, IMO.

I found this rather interesting – How to Slow Time Down (Lifehacker)
Perspective really is everything, it seems. And this explains why my life is mostly just a blur in my memory. I’m not sure if I’m concerned about that or not, honestly.

Bling & Things
A few weeks ago, I bought an adorable little red/white/blue Flexi with a heart from Lilla Rose for some Independence Day hair bling. In the space of time between when I ordered it and when I wanted to wear it though, the side layers of my hair grew out enough that the extra small size doesn’t work for a half-up anymore, so it’s too small. I may be able to use the Flexi for other styles later when my hair is longer overall (and I can do more with smaller bits), but for this year, it’s consigned to the drawer. It was a nice thought, anyways (and I would have ordered a size up, but they were sold out, and at the time, the xs size was still working for me).

In any case, it is a very nice piece of seasonal hair bling. Maybe they’ll have them again next year and I can get the larger size then.

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