Variety News: June 21, 2021

On My Mind
Last week, I had a goal to make an eye doctor appointment on Monday. I haven’t managed to get it done yet, so that’s how last week went. I did manage to get my hair into a french braid though, which is a game-changer when it comes to this next phase of the grow-out period.

I really need to get the eye appointment made though, and an appointment for Athena to get a broken tooth taken out too. Those are top of the list this week. Why are the simplest goals sometimes the hardest to complete?

We didn’t “make” it so much as put it back together, but our patio swing is usable again! We took it apart this spring to paint and re-cover, and finally got it back together this weekend. It’s so nice having a place to sit and watch the dogs in the yard. Slowly but surely, things are coming together back there.

Last weekend, we finally added some annuals to the pots out front for a bit more color while our new plants grow in. Oranges, yellows and purples are the “it” colors this year, and while they’re kind of sparse at the moment, I think they’ll look very bright and cheerful once they mature.

The best thing I ate last week was a thick bone-in pork chop with fresh spinach penne on the side. I try to eat local whenever I can, and everything in that meal except the mushrooms were locally grown/made. And it was all *delish*. The perfect end to a very busy week.

The Thin Mint Blizzard from Dairy Queen mid-week wasn’t all that bad either…just sayin’.

Bling & Things
I mentioned I can get my hair in a French braid now, and one of my favorite hair accessories at the moment is a bow barrette with a small snood attached. I got a pack of 6 in different colors from Amazon, and they are the *perfect* accessory for that hairstyle for work. The satin bow is elegant and classy, and the snood keeps the short, unkempt ends all tucked up and neat.

I also keep forgetting that I have some fancy bobby pins I could use to keep the straggly side hairs up. I’ve just been using regular bobby pins (from Lilla Rose – they are the *best*, hands down…very strong hold) and trying to keep them hidden under hair sections, but there’s no reason I couldn’t use something with a fancy flower/bow on on the end, or pearls along the length just for a little extra “pop”, right?

Post Round-up
The Writer’s Desk – My notes on writing and progress reports (last updated Sat, 6/19/21)

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