Talkin’ Books – 2/6/13

I was trying to decide on which book to recommend today, but I
can’t. I’ve read plenty of good books lately, but for one thing, I’m too
lazy to write up an actual review of any of them. For another, I’ve
been reading longer books lately, which take longer to finish. So
instead of a review today, I’ll just tell you a bit about what I’m
currently reading. Feel free to tell me what you’re reading in the
comments…I’m always looking to expand my TBR (to be read) pile…

On the nightstand (print): Gideon’s Corpse by Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child (thriller/suspense)
Gideon isn’t quite as intriguing as Pendergast, but he is an
interesting dude and while I’m a bit confused as to a few things going
on right now, I’m certain it will all untangle itself in the end (it
always does). I always pick it up thinking I’ll read just a chapter or
two before sleep (the chapters are short), and end up reading four or

On the Kindle: Wolverine’s Daughter by Doranna Durgin (fantasy)
I don’t read much fantasy, but since I’m currently dabbling with
writing a fantasy series, I thought it would be a good idea to get my
head into the genre a bit more. I don’t remember how I found this,
exactly, but I’m really enjoying it so far and have a few more of her
books in my TBR pile…

Also on the Kindle: Beautiful Sorrows by Mercedes M. Yardley (short, dark story anthology)
I read one of these shorts when I have a few minutes to wait
for…whatever. They’re haunting, and beautifully poetic, and stories
that stick with you long after you’re done reading them. It will be
awhile before I finish, but that’s perfectly okay – it’s the type of
literature one normally wants and needs to ponder a bit while working

Comic Books (Print): Robyn Hood (Zenescope) series #1 – #4
The fifth/final one releases today, and I have the first four, just
working my way through them. I’m going to try to pick up the fifth this
weekend at our local Hastings. It’s fun to see Robyn as a kick *ass
woman in a more modern setting. Does the Robin Hood legend really ever
get old?

Comic Books (Digital): Fairest #1, offshoot from the Fables Series (Vertigo)
This first book of 12 (so far) in the series highlights Sleeping
Beauty, who was supposedly stolen by goblins in Fables issue #107. We
have Ali Baba, Prince of Thieves, a blue bottle imp who cracks me up,
and a daring rescue attempt…of sorts. Very entertaining – I think I’ll
pick up the next one too…

And that’s it! What are you reading this week?

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One comment on “Talkin’ Books – 2/6/13

  1. Ardee Eichelmann

    Jamie, you have quite a few reads going on. I have a couple of serials I am struggling (with little success) to keep up with and I have read 1 of the stories in Mercedes Yardley’s, “Beautiful Sorrows.” I am a slacker compared to you. LOL!!! Cheers, Ardee-ann