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Always on My Mind by Jill Shalvis

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Short Fiction: 
Chimera by Kristine Katheryn Rusch

Comic Books:

thought I forgot about this post, didn’t you? In reality, the
Mica-dog got sick in an attempt to eat a dead mouse last night, and that
means yours truly was up most of the night, and then awakened pretty
much every hour she tried to sleep so said dog could go out and eat his
fill of dead organic material. Oddly enough, this keeps him from
vomiting, and since he did purge the mouse, I figured it was better than
cleaning up the mess. I took the morning off work to make sure he was
recovering, and to take a 90 minute nap that helped more than all the
snippets of sleep I got last night, but the brain is still a bit slow.

I sure hope you weren’t reading this at dinner…

In any case, lots of reading done last week, just more focused. Chimera
was/is the Free Fiction Monday post at Kris’s blog, so if you want to
read it (and I recommend you do), get to it now, because it’s only
available free for 1 week. Excellent short fiction, IMO.

I finished the Jill Shalvis novel I was reading – those go all too
quickly, but they’re so worth it. True brain candy for the romantic
comedy lover’s soul. I enjoyed every word, as I knew I would.

I went back to Tatterdemon
on my Kindle, finally…and the thing about digital books is, you
really have no perspective on just how long they really are. I feel like
I’ve been immersed in this messed up world forever, but the locations
bar says I’m only at 29 percent done. And I’m enjoying the book (well,
“enjoying” might be the wrong word for this horror extravaganza, but
it’s definitely keeping me reading), but I can’t help but wonder just
how much else Vernon can throw in here to make up the bulk of the book,
since the story is already moving at breakneck speed. I guess we’ll find
out, eh?

And of course I’m cruising right along through The Blood Gospel, and you have no idea how glad I am that the next book in the series, Innocent Blood
is also available in paperback now. Because we’re going to need that,
stat. And of course Rollins’s latest Sigma Force novel also just came
out in paperback (finally), so…yeah. I sense a lot of thrilling
Rollins goodness in our future…

that’s it for this week…the weekend was busy, so no comic book
reading, but I’ll get to more of that next week. I probably need to go
to the comic book store, actually… hmm.

Until next week, happy reading!

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