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It’s nearly 1:30am, and I have to get this done and put myself to bed, so just a quick post this week (yes, really!):

I’m so closed to finished with The Proteus Cure that I tried to stay up and finish it tonight. Like most books, it moves quickly at the end…and while somewhat predictable, there’s also a big complication that…well, complicates everything. Great read…I’d highly recommend it. 
The Blood Gospel is awesome so far, as all Rollins books are. I hate to put it down, and I’ll probably power through and finish it this weekend. Yes, it’s that good. 
My comic book order hasn’t come in yet, dang it, so the only comics I read this week were those I bought last week. Harley Quinn is very cool…I’m loving her! And Origin II just annoyed me, because now I have another comic to buy, and a whole book that came before to read. Ugh. 
Superman Unchained is always intriguing, and there are some hard questions to be answered soon, which always makes for good storytelling, though I love this particular series more for the artwork. 
And that’s pretty much it…more next week, and happy reading! 

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