Talkin’ Books: A Reading Slump, & TV Season Finales

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There are no spoilers in the TV section, just so you know…

The past week pretty much sucked for reading. I know that sounds
horrible, but I think every reader experiences a similar cycle
occasionally, where nothing you pick up is hitting the spot, so to
speak. I *am* enjoying my read through of the MM draft though, so that’s
a bright spot. But it’s beta reading, so I’m making comments and
reading with an editorial eye as I go, rather than strictly for
pleasure. I started another Beautiful Sorrows
story too, and am enjoying that as well. Aside from those two, I’m ready
to just delete everything off my kindle and start over, because I can’t
seem to stick with anything past a couple pages. Dang it.

Although hubby is finished with (and a little freaked out by) the latest Rollins paperback – Bloodline. So maybe I’ll start that tonight. His stories rarely fail to grab me regardless of my mindset.

Luckily, there are other forms of fiction to enjoy when this happens. It’s finale week on TV (what, like you didn’t know?), so Once Upon a Time and Castle
were pretty amazing Sunday and Monday nights. And last night we went to
a Primus concert (awesome) while our DVR worked overtime recording the
finales of NCIS, NCIS-LA & Body of Proof (series finale). We’ll have to catch up with those later in the week, along with Grimm (which we’ll stream from Hulu). Tonight is the Criminal Minds season finale, and tomorrow night the 2 hour finale of Elementary. Looks like Friday night might be a good time to catch up on the Tuesday shows we missed…

Dude, I didn’t even sit down with any comic books this week. That’s just sad, really.

Ah well. Eventually something will snag my interest again, and I’ll be back in action. *sigh* 

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