Talkin’ Books: April 23, 2014

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Comic Books:
Sandman Overture #2
Superior Spider-man #30 / Black Widow #1

slow on the reading front, unfortunately, but I’ve been busy
with…well, lots of things lately, and I’ll freely admit that the books
I’m working on are good, but they just aren’t the kind of “page
turners” that make me want to get back to them as fast as possible. So I
get to them when I get to them, or when I have a few minutes at lunch,

Rescue Me
is a good solid romantic suspense. It didn’t really pull me in all that
tightly, but it was good as far as entertainment goes. I actually felt
it was a little longer than it needed to be – tightening up the action
and picking up the pace would have kept me reading faster, but that’s
just personal preference.

I got a few more chapters read in Neverwhere,
and I’m hoping to finish it this weekend. I love the henchmen, but
honestly, I’m not terribly invested in the main characters, and I think
that’s why I’ve got sort of a take it or leave it approach going on with
it. I’ll admit, the Rollins adventure that’s waiting for me to finish
this has a stronger appeal to me, but I do want to finish Neverwhere to
see how the story ends.

Haven’t gotten back to Tatterdemon yet…I will, eventually.

As a quick little side-trip after finishing Rescue Me, I read Once Upon A New Year’s Eve
by Kait Nolan. It’s a cute, quick little story easily read in a
half-hour or so, perfect for waiting at the salon or something. I
enjoyed it, and it’s a good way to sample Kait’s work (I enjoyed her
first paranormal romance too).

And look! I made time for comic books this week! I made sure to be coherant while reading the second issue of Sandman Overture,
and it made a lot more sense than the first. Actually, this one was
quite interesting, what with a lot of personality fragmentation going
on. And of course the artwork is pretty amazing, so I’ll look forward to
picking up the next issue as well.

Superior Spiderman…hmm.
I’m not really sure how I feel about this one, because Ock’s
personality just changed on a dime, and it really just seemed rather
sudden and out of character. I don’t want to spoil it for anyone (though
I get them late, so odds are if you were going to read it, you probably
have), but I guess I could even say I was a little disappointed. I
don’t know. We’ll see how the next one goes with Parker back in charge
as to whether I’ll continue on with the new Amazing Spider-man series or
not. I may need a little grieving time for the whole anti-hero

Black Widow #1
was included in the SS #30 issue, so I read that too. I’m not fond of
the art style for that one…kind of an impressionistic watercolor
“thing”, but I enjoyed the story itself, and the characterization. Might
pick up the second one just to see how it goes.

Saturday I’ve got a trip to the comic book store planned, because my
Batman Eternal comics should be in up to #3. Yay! I think there’s a new
Harley Quinn out too. Double Yay! Should be a good reading week if I can
get caught up on my other “chores”…

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