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So. Kinda got sidetracked by the whole “must pick up and move your
blogs” thing this weekend…among other things. I managed to pick up my
new comic books this weekend, but haven’t managed to actually read any
of them yet, which is a shame.

But! This Saturday is Free Comic Book Day
– you know what that is, right? It’s the day when you can walk into
your local comic shop (here in the states, at least) and pick up a ton
of free comic books! So...go here to find your local participating comic book store, and grab yourself some free books on Saturday. I will, of
course, be visiting my local shop as well. You won’t be sorry!

only real reading I’ve done this week is actually from a sample of a
book on my Kindle that I’m pretty sure I’ll buy when I get to the end of
the sample. I’m not completely immune to trends, especially when it
involves entertainment (books, TV, movies, music). And everyone keeps
talking about this Game of Thrones TV series (we don’t have cable, so
haven’t seen it, personally). My husband has no interest in watching,
and I really didn’t either, but I came across The Game of Thrones (Book 1
in the series) the other week on Amazon, noted that it was $4.99 for
the Kindle copy, so I thought maybe I’d download a sample and at least
see what the premise of the story was. Fantasy is often a really hard
sell for me (lots of descriptive world-building bores the heck out of
me), so I wasn’t expecting much.

have to say though….I’m kind of hooked. I read a *lot* (not that you
could tell from the past couple of months, but hey, it’s been busy), and
I freely admit that I don’t remember a lot of what I’ve read. I enjoy
the story while I’m reading, but it’s rare that I think about it much
after it’s over, or even between the time I put it down and pick it back
up. But as with the Gaiman book (which I never seem to forget, even
when I’m away from it for days at a time), this little sample still has
me thinking about the direwolf pups, the beheading of the “rogue” (but
was he, really?), and the family dynamics that have been laid out in
less than a single chapter. A writer friend was maligning Martin’s
writing style on FB the other day, but I have to say…I like it. Unlike
so many other fantasy authors, Martin stays out of the reader’s way,
and gives plenty of description while keeping the story flowing at an
easy pace.

I guess I can’t say it’ll stay that way, as I’ve only read a prologue
and nearly another chapter, but so far, I’m enjoying it.

scares me, because while I can’t see how big the books are on my
Kindle, I’ve heard they’re doorstoppers, and there are a lot of them at
that. Do I really want to commit? I’m not sure yet, which is why I’m
still working on the sample, and haven’t actually bought the book yet.
Decisions, decisions…

any case, that’s my week in reading. With the web site/blog migrations
looming, my reading time will be hit & miss for the next month or
so, but thankfully my lunch hours are still largely open for delving
into fiction for a bit. Really, I need to force myself to set everything
aside at night and go read…it would be better for my overall attitude
& disposition (though perhaps not my awareness the next day…).

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2 comments on “Talkin’ Books: April 30, 2014

  1. Carol

    I’m actually sorry to hear you liked your sample of Game of Thrones. Ciara’s been threatening to lend it to me for ages but I’ve been able to resist so far. 😀

    But I absolutely, positively, cannot start another book until I finish at least one of the eight I have on the go! LOL

  2. Dolly Garland

    Game of Thrones is certainly compelling. I would say they are worth reading, but one big annoying thing is no bloody clue about when the next book is coming out. That makes me once again thing that I should not read books in a series until a series is complete. But I have read them all, and so far, I would recommend it.