Talkin’ Books: April 9, 2014

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Comic Books:
Superman Unchained #6
Wolverine #002
Origin II #2 & #3

are new comic book days (much like Tuesdays are new prose book days,
unless you’re me, in which case release day generally happens on a
Friday. Because I’m odd like that.). Nothing new in my regular series
this week, but…

I want the new Batman Eternal
series – the first one is out this week. But…it’s weekly, for 1 year,
and…man oh man. That’s $12 a month for just one series! Ouch. I mean,
what am I supposed to do? Give up one of my other series? Not
happening. But still…want! *sigh* Cruel, evil comic book people. I
need to sell more books to make up the difference. Better get writing,

In any case, I caught up with some comic book reading this week, and I have to say, still loving Superman Unchained
even if I did have to wait what seemed like a really long time for this
issue. The artwork is just amazing, as I’ve mentioned before, but the
story’s pulling me in deeper too. Good stuff, all around…I’m looking
forward to the next two.

The new Wolverine series isn’t exactly grabbing me…not sure I’ll continue with that one. But the Origin II
series is better than the reviews have let on, IMO. The drawings are a
bit more traditional than the super-bright newer stuff, but I think that
really suits the character and story better…and I love the way
Wolverine is drawn in this set. I also like the more feral nature in
this Origin story…I really need to get the collected Origin I,
I think. I know he’s gone through a lot in the newer arcs, what with
losing his healing abilities and all, but somehow the emotional conflict
just isn’t…where it should be, IMO.

As for straight prose, I got a couple chapters deeper into Neverwhere,
and am still finding that fascinating. My print TBR pile is growing by
leaps and bounds at the moment, so I really should get that finished –
there’s a Rollins book waiting, for crying out loud!

Rescue Me
took a somewhat odd twist that I’m not sure I’m completely on board
with, but we’ll see. Certainly not odd enough to make me stop reading
(though when it happened, I did stop for that day, because it just
seemed so…abrupt. But I’m making progress again and not minding it
now, so there’s that.

I didn’t finish anything other than comic books this week – I’ve been a
bit busy trying to talk myself into doing bookkeeping instead of
reading late at night (which until last night translated into watching
music videos on YouTube until bedtime – and I still did a little of that
as a reward for the bookkeeping insanity). But I feel a reading binge
coming on soon. Just as soon as I get those pesky taxes out of the

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