Talkin’ Books: August 20, 2014

Books Finished:

Kindle Books In Progress:
Red, White, & Blue: The Complete Firefighter Collection by Jill Shalvis
Death, The Devil and The Goldfish by Andrew Buckley
Tatterdemon by Steve Vernon

Print Books in Progress:
Innocent Blood by James Rollins & Rebecca Cantrell

Comic Books:

Okay, so I did finish the first book in the Red, White & Blue collection, and I’m working on the second. But I’m afraid that’s about all I have to report, aside from a few more chapters down on Innocent Blood.

Why, you ask? Well, remember that big housekeeping/organizational project I was talking about a couple weeks ago? If you read this blog regularly, you’ll know I completely gutted my office and installed an old restaurant booth as a writing “desk”. Not only that, but I got rid of a bunch of other office furniture, so that room is now open, bright, and comfortable to work in.

Which is what I’ve been doing late nights ever since I got it done. But I didn’t move my comic book rack back there, so I haven’t been reaching for a comic book before or after I write as I used to occasionally, and I’m actually working, so I’m not heading to bed early enough to do any reading before I sleep.

It’s actually kind of problematic. I think in order to be a good writer, one must also be an avid reader…and I feel like I’m not getting nearly enough reading time in on my meager lunch hours.

But it’s also important to get a good nightly work habit established, because I’m way behind on the writing schedule this year, and I need to get some things finished and move on. I just need to build some reading time into my nightly routine as well. One thing at a time…

So…little to report this week, and there are new comics waiting at the shop for me, so I really need to get caught up on my regulars before I head out there this Saturday. Hopefully next week’s report will be far more robust…


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