Talkin’ Books: August 6, 2014

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No, I didn’t get any comic books read this week either, dang it. I’ve been in a focus, focus, focus mood lately, and while that means I have actually gone to bed earlier a few nights to read more on Innocent Blood (awesome, excellent, fabulous, etc), I haven’t managed to get any comic books read.

I did, however, get to the comic book store, so I have the latest Sandman Overture, two Harley Quinns and a few Batman Eternals staring longingly from the magazine rack. Soon, my pretties. Soon.

I kind of got sidetracked last week when Jill Shalvis announced a special of three of her earlier books in one – the Red, White & Blue collection you see up there (not linked, because it’s not available anymore, though the individual Firefighter collection books are). One of my favorite authors, I sort of dropped everything to start reading that, and I’m working on the first novel now. After that, I’ll get back to Death, The Devil & the Goldfish, because…well, just because. It’s funny, and woman cannot live on romance alone (though we sure like to try at times).

I’ve taken on yet another huge housekeeping/organizational project that will keep me busy for the next few weeks, and our county fair starts this weekend, and there’s an exhibit at the art museum that I want to see that’s leaving in just a few weeks, so lots going on. But never too much for reading, and once I get the new project done, I think I’ll have a better spot for my comic book reading too. It’s gonna be really fun. Pics when it’s done.

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