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I’m on a bit of a historical romance streak lately (you’ve probably
noticed). That’s partially because a lot of it is deeply discounted at
the moment – we’re talking $0.89 for a lot of Tessa Dare’s stuff, which
makes it an easy choice when I can’t decide what I’m in the mood for and
just want something simple/easy to get lost in. It helps that I love
her heroines – they’re smart, spunky girls who do their absolute best to
be as independent as the time period allows. They are wonderful,
really. A Lady by Midnight was great, and I expected no less.

In another bargain shopping moment, I saw that the Play Hard
collection listed above was $0.99 at the moment, and even though I’ve
already read the Juliana Stone novel included, there are two other
novels in there too. So I got that, and am currently ensconced in a
baseball romance (I can’t remember the individual title at the moment,
but it’s the one by V.K. Sykes). Sports anything is really not my normal
fare, but for some reason, I have a taste for it this summer. Probably
Juliana’s fault, I suppose, but I’ll run with it as long as the books
are inexpensive.

No short reading this week, unfortunately…I was too ensconced in the novels.

Rough Country is still highly amusing.
Virgil is such an interesting dude…I’m half-through the book, and I
still don’t completely know what to make of him, but his sense of humor
is charming in it’s dryness. Bravo to Sanford for creating such an
intriguing detective!

I finally read the last Age of Ultron
issue this week, and it’s just so convoluted I don’t know quite what to
make of it (in a completely different way from Virgil Flowers).
Honestly, I’m not sure the writers do either. It’s a serious time/space
continuum conundrum, and perhaps not all that believable. Though I did
find the method of defeating Ultron completely plausible. The series is
morphing into a continuity, but I’m not going to continue with it.

Wolverine #6 launched a major, major
issue for poor Logan, and I may have been a tiny bit annoyed at where it
cut off, due to wanting the rest of the story. Dang serial stories.
*ahem*  I’ll be anxiously waiting for the next issue…

Have I mentioned how much I absolutely *love* the artwork in the new Superman Unchained
series? Love, love, love! It’s actually almost distracting from the
story. This rendition of Superman is *hot*, but it’s more than
that…the lines, the shapes, the colors, the way everything is laid
out…it’s really just spectacular art. Unfortunately, now that I’m
reading a Superman continuity, I’m sort of seeing why long-time comic
book fans were disappointed with parts of the movie/Superman’s
personality, but overall I still like both. 

In any case, this is one comic I’d recommend just for the artwork,
even if you’re not a Superman fan. Needless to say, I’m anxiously
awaiting the next one in that series as well.

This week, more of the same…and with any luck, the Grimm comics I ordered will get here soon…

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