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Alrighty then. Another week, and more books, though not as many as
I’d have liked. But hey, I’ve been writing up a storm and late into the
night, which tends to cut into reading time. Saturday night we watched
movies until after midnight. Beautiful thing about books…they’re
always waiting for whenever you can get back to them.

I’ve been downloading quite a few free books lately – which used to
really bug me, but if they author’s going to give them away
(practically shoving them at us, considering all the posts I see on
Twitter and Facebook), who am I to deny them the pleasure of one more
download for no reimbursement, right? Okay, yes, I know…enough with
the snark, given a lot of my books are free this month too. Exposure is
good. I’ll quit whining.

*Anyway*, Here Comes the Bride was, I
think, either free or discounted when I got it. The reviews said it was
light and fluffy and flowed well, which is exactly what I wanted.
Sometimes you just really don’t want to work at reading a book, you
know? So far, I’m enjoying it quite a bit. The characters, not so much.
Which is as it should be. It’s a romance, so they’ll get there HEA
eventually. I’m not worried.   If I had a beach to read on, this
would be the perfect book. As it is, it’s making my lunch hours go by
all too fast…

I started Rough Country after listening
to my husband laugh his way through the thing. It’s a suspense novel,
but good grief, you’d thing it was stand up comedy with some of the
chuckling and outright laughter I heard, and who wouldn’t get curious
about that? In any case, I’m now having great fun meeting Virgil Flowers
for the first time…I’m actually loving it. Hastings had a book sale
recently, and hubby bought a bunch of the discounted Prey novels by
Sanford too. So we might be reading him for awhile…although hubby’s
currently laughing his way through another Stephanie Plum novel. They
are pretty amusing.

Superior Spiderman #12 was…well, right
in the middle of a battle I don’t really care about. So mildly
interesting, but it’s dragging on – two issues now, and going for a
third. Honestly, it’s kind of boring me, so I’ll be happy when it’s

And Morbius #6 took an odd turn, with a
weird appearance by Spiderman and artwork that seems…”not as good” as
the first 5 issues. Dang it. This is kind of one of those transitional
issues in a serial story that leaves me kind of going, “huh?”, so I’ll
anxiously  await the next one where hopefully we’ll find out exactly
what the heck is going on…

Did you see the news? Comixology
offers online digital comic book subscriptions now! Which is totally
awesome, not that I’ve been reading digital comics, but in theory, I
love the idea. I think I’m going to pick one and subscribe, just to see
how it works. I subscribed to Asimov’s Science Fiction magazine
for my tablet last week, and while I have some issues with how they
deal with older…um…issues, I think it’s going to be a great way to
read magazines without the storage issues. And I can always buy a hard
copy of an issue if there are stories I want to keep. So we’ll see.

I think that’s it for this week. Happy Reading…

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