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I finished Bloodline
last night, and no, I will not be checking out the reference materials
linked at the end. I prefer my fiction stays fiction, thanks – there’s
enough scary stuff to think about in life without being confronted with
the actual truth at the end of a novel. I am looking forward to the
short story included at the end of my copy – Tracker,
I think it’s called, about the new character, Tucker and his dog Kane.
Should be good, methinks. Incidentally there’s more romance in this book
than Rollins normally has (from what I remember – since I wait for the
paperbacks, it’s quite a wait between books). I liked it. The emotional
investment of the characters is really opening them up in ways I don’t
remember seeing before. A nice change, in my opinion.

In any case, if I say much more about Bloodline
it will just give things away, so you’ll just have to read it. The
ebook was on sale for $1.99 the other day…good way to grab a copy on
the cheap if that’s still going on…

I’ve started and stopped an alarming
amount of romance books lately…just nothing really grabbing my
attention, which is really too bad. But then I stumbled across Offside,
a hockey-themed romance by Juliana Stone. I’m not a hockey fan – I’m
not all that fond of intentional violence in sports (no, I don’t watch
boxing either, though I love watching boxer physiques – nothing like a
double standard, eh? but I digress…). Offside
features a female hockey player at that, who’s been benched due to a
violent injury. She has two first names (which always sounds odd to me,
being a northerner – yes, it’s stupid of me to feel that way, but it is
what it is), and her hick hometown has a gender bias that is deplorable
and almost (but not quite) unbelievable to me given our current times.
In other words, absolutely nothing about this book should reel me in.

And yet, I started reading (got a free
copy via a link somewhere – I might be on her email list from an earlier
novel I read…can’t remember at the moment) and I can’t put it down. I
don’t *want* to put it down. It’s my lunchtime reading, and it’s an
extreme force of willpower to set it aside so I can get back to work on
time. So frustrating, but also so refreshing to finally be so caught up
in a romance that I can’t put it aside. Needless to say, there are three
books in the series, and I’m now pretty well invested in learning the
story of at least one of the other sisters too, so I’ll be grabbing the
other two as well. And I haven’t even finished the first yet. It’s worth
the money if you’re looking for a good solid contemporary romance.

As you can see above, I did a *lot* of catching up with the comic books last week too. Six issues of Age of Ultron,
and I’m all caught up. The last one was a bit confusing, but that’s
kind of to be expected when you’re messing around with the space/time
continuum…so I’m interested to see how it all shakes out in the end.
And I’m sort of getting to know a few other superheroes from the Marvel
universe as well, which is a nice bonus for a novice like myself.

Superior Spiderman #10
was…weird. I’m having some serious issues with the new order of
things following issue #9, and having trust issues that the authors will
be able to make things turn out okay in the end. I mean, the good guys
still have to win, right (that’s sort of what superheroes do…)? But
what if one of the good guys is actually a bad guy just trying to be the
good guy? Can that ultimately even work?

I’m both nervous and anxious for the next issue…

Working my way down the comic book TBR
(to be read) pile, there’s a Simpson’s comic up next, followed by a
Jonah Hex western. You can’t say my TBR piles are ever boring…

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