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Superior Spider-man #19

I’m actually on vacation from the day job this week, not that you could tell by my reading list, eh? There’s always an excuse, isn’t there? This week, mine is that the two novels I currently have going are insanely huge (well, Two Graves is a good 2 inches thick – Tatterdemon is digital, but 55 chapters long). By comparison, average romance & romantic suspense are generally quite a bit shorter, and I really like novella length as well so I read a lot in the 20-40k word range. 

Add that to the fact that despite being home, I’m working on both Halloween prep and trying to finish writing several drafts before National Novel Month starts on Friday, and yeah. No more reading time than last week, really. Funny how that works (or doesn’t)…

I did work my way through a couple more comic books last night, which was fun, in a dark sort of way. Superior Spider-man was really interesting, what with the space/time continuum issue and Ock’s secret finally on the verge of being discovered. 

And in Batman, poor Bruce Wayne is forced into the spotlight again, though he’s still fighting it with everything he’s got. This Year Zero arc is fascinating, really…a much deeper exploration of how his emotional growth is leading him to the man we already know. 

Why is it that Spider-man is hyphenated, and Batman isn’t? It’s annoying. Editor wars? 

Anyways, that’s my list for this week, and considering my progress on both of those novels is a bit slow, I have no idea whether I’ll finish them up or not. Maybe if I get my drafts done, I can reward myself this weekend…

Anyone out there reading anything fun & spooky for Halloween? If not, I’ll highly recommend you check out books by Steve Vernon, Saul Tanpepper or Ryan Casey…

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